Rudy Giuliani … up in flames

The New York Daily News is reporting today that the FDNY and former Mayor Giuliani are “at odds” (heh) with each other over both his insensitive treatment of first responders in the immediate aftermath of 9/11/2001 [inside job] and his cold-shoulder withdrawal from this year’s International Association of Fire Fighters forum.

Rudy really cannot afford too much bad news in his quest for the GOP nomination. His checkered past reads much like a passenger-side mirror on your car: objects are closer than they appear. For more of this R-rated story, check out the 27-page excerpt from the massive 450-page study conducted for the Giuliani campaign in 1993 (c/o entitled, “RUDOLPH W. GIULIANI VULNERABILITY STUDY.” The document is very entertaining, as it lists some of the many, MANY vulnerabilities of this candidate. A selection from the Smoking Gun:

“The confidential 450-page report, authored by Giuliani’s research director and another aide, was the campaign’s attempt to identify possible lines of attack against Giuliani and prepare the candidate and his staff to counter “the kinds of no-holes-barred assault” expected in a general election rematch with Democratic incumbent David Dinkins. As he tried to win election in an overwhelmingly Democratic city, Giuliani needed “inoculating against” the “Reagan Republican moniker,” the vulnerability study reported. “The Giuliani campaign should emphasize its candidate’s independence from traditional national Republican policies.” The final six words of that sentence are underlined in the study.”

Here’s something to keep in mind from the preface of the study, itself:

“The readers of this vulnerability study are urged not to dismiss or take lightly any of the negatives discussed in this document. Taken together, the negative issues presented in this study offer a compelling argument against electing Giuliani mayor.Rudy Giuliani has plenty of inoculating to do on several fronts. Most notably, Giuliani is vulnerable on his Republican Party affiliation, his participation in the police rally, his flip-flops on various issues, the reversals of many of his major convictions and his reputation for overzealousness.”

Oh, wait. I didn’t even get to any of the good parts…

MARRIAGE/DIVORCE: Giuliani’s personal life raises questions about a “weirdness factor.” Giuliani was married to his second cousin for fourteen years. Although the marriage lasted for a long time, Giuliani had the union annulled on the grounds that he did not get the proper dispensation from the church for the marriage. When asked about his personal life, Giuliani gives a wide array of conflicting answers. All of this brings the soundness of his judgement into questions — and the veracity of his answers.”…

DRAFT DODGER: Giuliani received special treatment from a friendly federal Judge to avoid military service during the Vietnam War when thousands of less fortunate people were dying. Then, as a member of the Justice Department, he hypocritically prosecuted draft dodgers.

While many of his classmates and friends were risking their lives on foreign soil, Giuliani used his connections to obtain an occupational deferment. After serving in the ROTC until being rejected for physical reasons, Giuliani sought a deferment in 1968 and was rejected. A year later, the draft board received a letter from federal Judge Lloyd MacMahon, and Giuliani receive what experts consider a rare occupational deferment. (New York Post, 6/11/1989)”

Check in out more of the Smoking Gun excerpts from the 1993 study for yourself.


One Response to Rudy Giuliani … up in flames

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Gee…what a sterling fellow he is.


    I could care less he likes to run around in drag and hang out with teh Gay. Funny thing is….

    The zombie dead of FundieLand don’t seem to have noticed.

    Note: This link shows why it pays to visit, located in our links directory in the sidebar to get the real inside story on what’s happening. Not corporate media swill.

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