What yer Legisators Really think of ya….

It’s all our fault you see. If we’d all just shut the fuck up why Ol’ Obey would…

Well, what would he do?

Probably what he’s been doing for the last 20 terms, 20 terms folks, in the House. Voting to keep the engines of Military Keynesianism running. Keeping his pie-hole shut while Bush uses the Constitution for toilet paper and make the United States of America the most hated and feared nation in the world.

But let a constituent question his flabby ass about what he’s doing and all of a sudden….

All of a sudden the world is populated with ‘idiot liberals’ who don’t understand. No, sir I believe we all understand pretty well what you think of us. Rep. Obey.

And I for one would like to invite you to take your tired ass home.


One Response to What yer Legisators Really think of ya….

  1. Tekstone says:

    What an angry, mean-spirited, hateful man! I hope whoever runs against him next cycle he’s up uses this video to show his constituents what he is really like. What a big, judgmental baby!

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