California Primary moved to Feb 5 2008

The AP is reporting that Gov. Schwarzenegger has officially moved our California presidential primary election up FOUR MONTNS, to February 5, 2008. This move puts the largest voting pool in the country in a vastly more influential position than elections cycles of the past.

Following is an excerpt from the AP report:

“Now California is important again in presidential nominating politics … and we will get the respect that California deserves,” Schwarzenegger said during a bill-signing ceremony.California has not played a prominent role in a presidential primary since 1972, when George McGovern beat Hubert Humphrey for the Democratic nomination. Schwarzenegger is hoping that by moving the presidential primary from June to early February, the state will again play a significant role.

But California’s bid for more clout has pressured other states to move up their contests, as well. That may diminish California’s influence by turning the day into a national primary, with contests held in as many as 19 states.

Still, the prospect of an early primary has prompted presidential candidates from both parties to add California to their itinerary that also includes the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

California is now on the political map. Certainly, that is by Senator Obama has decided to visit Oakland, CA this Saturday, March 17, 2007. If you wish to attend the first of what will be many major political events in the Bay Area, start by reviewing my post from Monday for details and a link to get tickets to the event.


3 Responses to California Primary moved to Feb 5 2008

  1. Phil says:

    As solutions go, this is just dumb and dumber:

    Dumb in that it accelerates a virtual arms race of primaries.
    Dumber because we end up voting for someone and then having another 8 months to discover all the reasons we shouldn’t have voted for them. In poker you want to bet last, not first.

    The solution I’d love to see implemented would be a rotating regional primaries. Clump the states into 3-4 regions of roughly equal electoral size. Space out the regional primaries, and rotate the order of the regions with each electoral cycle so no one region has an advantage. Fair and easy, but would take too much cooperation to ever put into place.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Hmmmmmmmm. Interesting idea. At least there is now some movement in what was a pretty ossified structure.

    There are lots of things that can and should be done to revitalize and correct our aged, creaking methods of voting. Of course, computerized voting is NOT one of those. I’m thinking of voting being a paid holiday. Instant runoff voting, register as you vote. Lots of good ideas out there.

  3. tekstone says:

    RE: having another 8 months to discover all the reasons we shouldn’t have voted for them.

    by that logic, the first term of any presidency would be 4 years of doing the same?!

    no, i agree with citizen on this one. some change in a system that is decades old (‘ossified’ as citizen so aptly put it) is better than no change at all. other states are considering doing the same… this is really shaking up the status quo!

    why is it that sports organizations can organize ‘regions’ of the country and schedule seasons and playoffs and finals – and – create rules of the game that are strictly obeyed or the offenders are punished by the all-powerful organization and accept that punishment as just – and – the whole country can get enthusiastic about the whole thing…

    yet when it comes to politics (and business) rules are changed every season, there is not a ‘regional’ breakdown that is happily accepted by all, and those that are guilty of breaking the rules – cheating – are able to get away with it?!

    WTF is wrong with our priorities in this goddamn country?

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