‘I was a Secret Agent.’

‘I felt like I was hit in the gut.’ said Valerie Plame on the morning her husband told her ‘he (Cheney) did it…’

I am listening to her on C-Span right now.

‘I think it (Cheney’s destroying her NOC) had a very negative effect on future operations of the CIA. Future recruits from foreign lands will think twice before they agree  work with us since my government was unable to protect my identity as a secret CIA officer.’, Ms. Plame went on to say.

Committee member showing a chart of what happened. This was based on evidence from the Libby trial. It shows over 20 instances of her identity being revealed to all and sundry.

Plame is stating that she was shocked and sickened that her status was revealed. She is now stating that no one ever asked her about her status or for permission to reveal same.

She is asked, since it still is not clear who told Rove about her, if she has any knowledge of  who that asshole might be. Me. I say his name is Bush.

Chairman Waxman asks her if any of the scum, he names Rove, Bush, Libby, ever called her to apologize.

She answers, ‘No’

Rethug on committee asks if  she knows if any of the people who ‘outed’ her knew she was an NOC.

This is Tom ….. who is trying to blame the CIA for not protecting her identity.

Valerie Plame responds that she was covert.

Rep Tom asks if she has suffered a demotion because of being ‘outed’.

Yadda…yadda…it’s the CIA’s fault is the transparent meme here.

Now it’s about the Vanity Fair article.

Now it’s Kristof.

Look over there! Somebody else did it.

Victoria Tensing says you were not covert. I that correct.

I was a covert operations officer. No matter what others say.

Could Tensing know more than you do about what you were doing.

‘I find that unlikely.’ Plame replies.


Dems questioning intended to show that the ReichWing pushback  that Valerie was not a ‘spy’.

They are succeeding. Any five year old child knows you don’t reveal a spy’s identity. Funny Cheney, Libby, Bush and Tensing along with the paid liars of the corporatist media don’t get that.

Plame is being asked if she told any one she was undercover.

She states that ‘she could count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who knew her secret identity until Cheney ratted her out to the Iranians.

Blathering about Vanity Fair article.

Asked why she did not hide under the bed on a continuous basis to protect her identity.

How would that work I wonder.

Back to the chart from the scum Libby’s trial.

She is asked if this was just a ‘leak’…that is a simple mistake.

She replies that she as very dismayed.

She is asked if there have been leaks in the past.

She replies that it’s never happened from within the U.S. government.


It’s clear that this was an ‘extraordinary effort’ to destroy her career.


This is part of pattern of behavior  by BushCo.

U.S. Attorney affair is introduced.

Secretary O’Neill being thrown under the bus.

General Shinseki’s forced retirement.

And on and on and on.

She’s asked if this was a conspiracy to intimidate by Cheney.

‘Yes.’ she replies.


They are talking about the continuing lies.

Rep. quote ReThug assertion that since she had a ‘desk job’ she could not be a spy.

To paraphrase Valerie, ‘Bullshit…’

Dem on the panel states that it’s obvious that her ‘outing’ was a deliberate act by the Cheney cabal to discredit Joe Wilson’s Niger report.

She’s asked if she made the decision so send Joe Wilson to Niger.

‘No, I did not have the authority to do that.’


The traitor Cheney called one of her subordinates to ask about the Niger ‘yellowcake’ story. A colleague overhearing this conversation suggested that Joe be sent. Her boss asked her if she’d ask Joe if he would come in to discuss that possibility.

She negates the Rethug story that she ordered Joe sent again.

I have to stop now. It’s clear that the Democrats are intent on hammering Bush and Cheney about this treasonous behavior. As I leave the fact that this whole affair destroys future President’s credibility. That Bush is a liar since he has not fired Rove. That Rove is deeply involved in this.

I urge you to go to C-Span and watch the whole thing.

Then call your Congresscritter and demand action.

Maybe something like impeachment as it was our nation that was ultimately ‘hit in the gut.’


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