Let’s Be More Like Sports!

I have often lamented that this country has its priorities all outta whack.  I see individuals all around that have the same problem, so it is no big surprise that the entire country suffers a similar condition.

Instead of lamenting this sad situation, however, let me suggest a fusion of priorities.  Let’s use the example of “Sports” in this country as a blueprint for both politics and business.  If politics were like the NCAA, primaries wouldn’t be determined in a few small states in New England.  There would be regional bracketting, and everything would be fair (and more or less balanced).

In fact, ALL national sports organizations have been able to successfully carve out chunks of the country to everyone’s relative satisfaction: MLB, NFL, NBA – they’ve all done this.  You’ve got leagues, divisions, conferences, etc.  It’s not all about Iowa and New Hampshire!  The whole country plays at the same time according to the same rules.  Imagine that.

Yes, imagine that.  Talk about your rock-solid rule-makers, no one fucks with the MLB when they say you gotta play by a certain rule.  You break it, you pay the penalty.  Same goes for all of these professional and collegiate sports organizations.  Yet why is it when – oh I don’t know, say Tom Delay breaks the rules (and the law) it takes several years of debate and mudslinging to finally bring him to justice?  Hell, they were even trying to change the law to protect the motherfucker!  Where’s the rock-solid organization that is suposed to manage these players of politics?  We know we have rules.  So why are they not enforced?  When a baseball player strikes another player or is found to be using pine tar, you better believe that they will be severely punished, fined and/or suspended IMMEDIATELY.  No debate.  No mudslinging.  The player and his team will accept the punishment, and the fans will all nod in agreement.

Same goes for corporate conduct in this country.  How was it that Enron was able to get away with thier bullshit for so long before the umpire was finally willing to call ‘foul’?  How is it that dozens if not hundreds of other companies are able to break the laws and go unpunished?  A guy uses pine tar, he is suspended and fined because the MLB says so – no debate.  But when a multi-billion dollar company screws thousands of employees out of their hard-earned pensions, we have to debate as to whether the company should be punished.  Does that nice old man really deserve to be put in jail for something his company did??  Awww, cry me a river.  What about the families who lost everything and have nothing to retire on?

This whole system is fucked up.  If the federal government is supposed to run things – rule-makers and rule-enforcers, then they should be as powerful and decisive as the NBA.

I guess the problem is that the basketball players don’t fund the NBA referees the way that corporations fund the policians.  Because that is what the politicians role is – or should be: referee.  They should be independent and held to strict standards and rules.  Their word should be final.  If there is a question as to the call, then the league can hear the complaint and judge accordingly.

Of course this can only happen if we PUBLICLY fund ALL campaigns.  For until we do so, politicians will continue to be bought and paid for.

That’s all I feel like saying for now.


One Response to Let’s Be More Like Sports!

  1. A.Citizen says:

    An Idea, yeah it’s a big one and deserves a Capital ‘I’ fer sure, that seems very promising.

    Let’s hear more!

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