My Open Letter to Madame Speaker Pelosi.

Madame Speaker I certainly hope you, or one of your staffers, are reading the letters coming in here at I have been using and reading this site for some time to advance a progressive political agenda at my blog Bear Republic Action Group. I must tell you that I have never seen the level of rage currently on display here over your perceived failure to hold George W. Bush accountable for his many illegal and immoral actions as President.

I concur with many of the sentiments expressed here but a political activist I realize how difficult it is for you to do what is required at this juncture:

Impeach George W. Bush.

Never the less, this is what this moment in history calls you to do. Failure to do so would deeply damage our system of checks and balances. Coming on top of the destruction of habeas corpus, the NSA wiretapping and unrestricted FBI abuse of citizen’s rights we are over the cliff of lawlessness in this nation.

Lawlessness on the part of the Executive Branch. The people are angry. They are crying out to their representatives to stop the fascist assault on our freedoms made in the name of whatever reason comes most easily to the hand of the cabal of lawbreakers in the White House.

They are crying out to you especially as your position as Madame Speaker puts you in the position to stop this vile subversion of our republic.

I call on you Madame Speaker to act!

Act now!

Act now or forever be known as the woman who failed in her foremost responsibility:

To protect the United States of America from it’s enemies.

Both foreign and DOMESTIC.

I had this hand delivered to Speaker Pelosi’s office today.

I urge you to contact her or one of her staff either here at her office or through the website. Demand, politely of course, that she stand up and do what everyone in the nation knows must be done. Impeach George W. Bush.


One Response to My Open Letter to Madame Speaker Pelosi.

  1. Tekstone says:

    that is a great letter, citizen! i would urge you – and others – to always include in their call for impeachment the vile Cheney as well.

    he is the puppetmaster anyway, so if you impeach only Bush, you haven’t really solved the problem.

    remember: “Impeach Bush and Cheney!”

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