The Citizens are…well, they are a little angry I guess.

And who could blame them?

Not me.

I posted some time ago about how it might become necessary to ‘Take out the Trash’ if the new ‘Democrat’ majorities in the House and Senate did not take immediate, effective action against Bush and his attempt, so far successful, to institute a Fascist Regime here in America with him as Dictator.

Well, this is not what I had in mind.

Neither is this.

No, I think the ‘Spineless Dems’ under Madame Speaker Pelosi are fucking up. Big time. And…

I’m not alone. Not only does this A-list blogger agree he went ahead and did what I was planning on. He wrote an open letter to Speaker Pelosi. Go read it. More about that later.

And this guy isn’t too happy either.

But far, far more important is this:

Congress, that is Democrats, are sinking in the polls. ‘Folks’ are not happy with the Money Party hacks such as ‘Ramit’ Emmanuel, ‘Chuckles’ Schumer and their adherence to ‘Who me? It’s not my problem.’ approach to the ‘War to Git Saddam’ and the care and feeding of their Military Keynesian buddies. To the tune of…well, a lot of fukin’ money dude.

Not to mention all the dead American soldiers and we here at BRAG believe the Iraqi lives ‘wasted’ by Bush the Scumbag matter too. Certainly Iraqis think so.

clik on Madame Speaker Pelosi’s picture to send her a letter.

Jeebus Christus! I just went over to, very few of you have I see, and the natives are really, really ready for blood on the floor. Pelosi’s blood ’cause she don’t have the balls, yeah that’s what one writer said it warn’t me homer, to stop  Bush. The Soapbox section is all the ‘I’ word. I think Pelosi’s gonna have to ‘set the table’ if ya know what I mean. I’ve never seen such a reaction over there.

Congress must decide and it must do so right now. Will it let Bush assume the powers of an Emperor or do they take the fight to him and Impeach.

The people seem to be saying, ‘Impeach his Chimp Ass!’


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