Time is up!


If you do not take action this week this picture becomes a part of American history. President Bush today threw in all his cards in the upcoming constitutional crisis. In the next three weeks he will either succeed in his attempt to become dictator in fact and name or he will be impeached.

There is no third way.

There is no more time left to hope that this conflict can be averted. It’s here right now.

What will you do?

Will you watch it on TV?

Will you remain silent while Bush, Rove and the Supreme Court gut our Constitution like a serial murderer working on an eight year old girl?

Will you?

Shocking language you say…

Well how about this,

Impeachment IS NOT OFF THE TABLE for the American People. If you would have asked us we would have told you. With all due respect, as a father, as a husband, as an average middle class American that abides by the law and is held accountable to the law, I expect the President, Vice President, members of Congress and all those who serve at the pleasure of the president to be held to HIGHER standard of law. That means impeachment and jail time without pardon if the president and administration subordinates have knowingly and willfully broken the law. There is no negotiating terms, no back door deals, nothing more or nothing less than what “we the people” are subject to when we break the law. Unless it’s true that, “When the President does it, it is not illegal!”‘

from a voter in Florida

‘You need to get the democrats back on track if you want to be voted back in and not become wishy washy. No more special interest groups or lobbyists they should be abolished(including family and friends if they work on K Street). Middle class America is ready to up rise and take our issues to the street. We are looking for a party that supports the legal immigrants and americans and who will stand up for what we believe in.’

from a voter in Ohio

‘Congress…I don’t know what you’re doing up there, but I do know that it is not in line with the desires of the majority of the American people. Our only hope now is that we can hold our heads above water long enough to get rid of the whole damned bunch of you in 2008.’ from a voter in San Francisco ‘Pelosi, what the hell are you doing? The fear of Bush giggling his way into Iran with missiles was one of the reasons for the power shift enacted at the mid-term elections.

The mandate then and the mandate now: Get us out of this mess!!!!’

from a voter in San Francisco

If you live in Oakland, California clik the button and sign. If not contact us and we will show you how to do this in your home town. If you elect to do nothing then prepare to live the rest of you life on you knees. Bush will accept nothing less from you…or your children.

Impeach Bush banner.jpg

You can watch the ‘President’ tell us all to go fuck ourselves over in our BRAGpod video sidebar. A BRAGblog public service.



One Response to Time is up!

  1. sybelia says:


    How Bush and Cheney’s Mental Illness and Obsession for Oil is destroying and endangering America at home and abroad

    “America (Bush) is a wolf … doing as it pleases in the world – he swallows without listening to anyone. Nor does he intend to listen to anyone …”

    – President Putin restarting the nuclear arms race by asking Parliament for a bigger nuclear arsenal.


    …Bush & Cheney’s Mental Illness

    What are the specific illnesses of Bush and Cheney?

    What is the evidence that they are ill?

    What are the delusions that make them think the use of nuclear weapons in Iran will help them? *

    Bush: The most deceitful, immature, delusional and dangerous President in American history…Bush’s Extremely Dangerous Megalomania

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