Ever body tellin’ me the ‘Democrat Party’ gonna roll over and let Bush do whatever he, as ‘The Decider’ deems fit….I got news fer ya!

That’s Arlen ‘Spineless’ Specter on the left and Senator Leahy on the right. Specter’s the guy who’s spent the last six years, as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, talking about how he’s gonna hold President Bush ‘accountable’ for…well you fukin’ name it: Habeas Corpus, fuck that, NSA wiretapping, not all that important, torturing anybody Bush, Cheney or Rice, I hear she likes it rough dude, feel like. Waterboarding, no fukin’ problem according to Ol’ Arlen. Ever since the ReThuglican Goon Squad had held power in the Senate and the House folks like Senator Leahy have been fed a ration of shit. Lie, lots of those… Told by scum such as Bill ‘Cat Killer’ Frist that up is down, war is peace and President Bush is ALWAYS RIGHT! Marginalized when it came time to craft legislation for the good of the American People, that is us homer, and told that: Oh, fuck yeah! Politics have consequences…. They surely do Arlen and Patrick is laughing in your face as you say,

If we don’t like what we get, we can always issue a subpoena and move with a subpoena if we don’t like what we get. Why not take what we can get in the interest of…’

But guess what Arlen? Patrick ain’t’ playin’ wit yer scrawny ReThuglican ass. He’s Chairman now and his is the party in power courtesy of The American People fucktard. And Patrick sez:

‘No, no, what we’re told we can get is nothing, nothing, nothing. We’re told we can have a closed door meeting, with no transcript, not under oath, limited number of people and the White House would determine what the agenda is. That to me is nothing.’

And then goes on to lead his committee to subpoena Karl ‘Pigboy’ Rove, Harriet ‘Father knows best’ Milers and the rest of the cock roaches infesting the White House. So Arlen, buddy, what is happening here is Senator Leahy is laughing in your face. You and your party. The party of Treason, Torture and Death is headed for the dustbin of history. And I, for one, am extremely glad it is. My you rot in hell…before you get there.

Many thanks to First Draft a solid progressive blog where they know how to ‘put the boot in’ for the outstanding picture. The rant and the thought behind it are mine.

All mine.


2 Responses to Ever body tellin’ me the ‘Democrat Party’ gonna roll over and let Bush do whatever he, as ‘The Decider’ deems fit….I got news fer ya!

  1. Rosanne says:

    arlie spectre (deliberate misspell) is a rethug whore. he pretends that he will do the right thing and hold the administration’s “feet to the fire” but the only thing he does is kiss them! ( or actually a body part that is higher than their feet. lol)

    he talks a good principle but he wouldnt know one if it bit him in the ass!!

    We Pennsylvanians got rid of rickyticky man on dog santorum last year and arlie will be history as soon as we can vote him out of office too. Count on it, arlie. your days as a traitor to your state and your country are numbered.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    That sounds like the correct, the progressive thing to do to this fascism pimp.

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