Just Reading ‘On Flirtation’ by Adam Phillips….

He’s a neo-Freudian and  his book is a collection of essays. Fascinating stuff, the second essay is titled Contingency for Beginners really caught my attention early in the evening. Then I’m out and about to Luka’s and Cato’s, two of the central Drinking Liberally, Oakland hang outs. I discuss the upcoming premiere of ‘Movies at Luka’s’ with Rick and Maria the owners of that establishment who have done plenty to help us keep D/L alive and kicking. I go on see malcontent at Cato’s, where it all started back before ‘The Decider’ whipped a apathetic John Kerry for the his second shot at destroying America.

How’s that ‘plan’ going ‘Junior’?

Not too gotdamn well it don’t look like, this guy rips you a new one and it don’t look very promising for ya here nor from the looks of this…..

What’s my point?

Well, the essay I referenced to start this post is about the role coincidence plays in our lives and how we are taught from birth by our parents and society to ignore the tremendous impact it can have. And here’s my coincidence for the night. Admittedly, this is not a big one…or maybe it is. I mean, how do you know before the fact that going out to get slice of cake will put you in the emergency room when some fool runs a red light? How do you know that that woman you met last week is gonna be your wife? How do you know that instead of chatting her up you should run for the hills. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Things to ponder on.

Oh yeah, my coincidence well it’s this YouTube clip I saw over at Crooks & Liars a very good blog where they never let up on hammering the ReichWing and it’s media enablers:

If you’ve been checking in with us or reading our bi-weekly emails you should know that the very first of our series ‘Movies at Luka’s’ will air this Sunday, April 1 at 6:00 pm. Further, you should know that is will be Orwell Rolls in His Grave which is about….

Well, Rupert Murdoch, talking heads and…..

‘Kick ’em when they’re up, Kick ’em when they’re down.’

Yeah, life is studded with coincidences and, whether you recognize them or not, can be confusing, amusing and alarming. Deadly.

But I wouldn’t want it any other way. Good thing that, as there would not appear to be anything I can do about them.

Hope to see you April Fool’s Day. First person that says ‘Let’s keep kickin’ the ReichWing’ gets a pint of beer on me. D/L leadership and BRAG members, except for SAS, are ineligible for this ‘generous offer’.


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