US and Britain Poised to Attack Iran

Much like the UN resolution on Iraq passed in November, 2002 gave cover to the US and Britain for the invasion of Iraq (which subsequently occured early the following year), the recent UN resolution on Iran, which imposes severe sanctions, will provide the cover that the US and Britain desire to invade Iran.  It serves to set Iran up as defiant, rogue-ish and threatening in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Additionally, the recent capture of British troops by Iran will serve to reinforce this view that an invasion of Iran is justified.  Remember the Israeli troops that were captured in Lebanon and the Israeli attack that ensued?  Capture of their troops was used as a reason to attack.  But there was plenty of evidence that showed the Israeli troops had illegally entered Lebanese territory and that their capture was called a kidnapping to justify an invasion.

The case against Iran is being made by the US and Britain right now.  They are using the same tactics we have seen before… primarily false allegations… lies.

To what extent is Iran really fomenting anti-US sentiment in Iraq?  Were British troops really in Iranian waters?  Is the UN sanction on Iran another key element in the justification for invading Iran?

It seems obvious to me, a lowly common citizen, that the case is being made to invade Iran.  I expect that unless Congress can prevent Bush from attacking Iran – and they won’t be able to if world opinion is mostly against Iran because of these false allegations made against them – then we will be in the middle of another war in the Middle East.

This one will be like Iraq on steroids, because Iran (unlike Iraq) is a powerful country with a powerful military force and almost 3 times the population of Iraq, almost 7 times the GDP of Iraq and about 4 times as large as Iraq.  What is also scary is that “More than two-thirds of the population is under the age of 30, and the literacy rate is 86%.”  They are young, smart, numerous and well-armed.

We can’t even manage to hold our own ground in Iraq – which is relative child’s play compared to what an invasion of Iran would be like.  We cannot afford to invade Iran.  We would not be happy with the resulting quagmire.  It might even be the last thing we ever do as a wealthy, powerful, sovereign nation.  It could be our flight of Icarus, our foolish attempt to reach the sun based on our own hubris and total lack of reason and total loss of touch with reality.  It could be our undoing.

Follow the charade here: 


6 Responses to US and Britain Poised to Attack Iran

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Most of the world already knows that we are the problem not Iran. Even the gnomes at Davros were concerned, hah concern gnomes, or so Chicago Dyke reported a few months go.

    That’s not going to stop BushFuhrer or his fat Himmler clone ‘The Toad’ Cheney. The only folks who can do that is us by screaming long and loud at our Congressfolk.

    And, for the record, this is no ‘charade’ this is Kissinger style RealPolitik with a big greasy spoon of Rovian distraction.

    For those of you not residing here in the Bear Flag Republic gas is now over $3.00/gal and headed UP. You are already paying for increase market volatility and insurance costs due to Bush’s ‘War on Iran’.

    So in real sense the war has already started.

    The war to shift your money to Bush’s base: Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex.

    Hope yer likin’ it.

    If not call your Congressperson and…

    Tell them they are GONE if Bush drops one bomb.

  2. Tekstone says:

    The charade, my friend, is the attempt to make the case for invasion of Iran in the court of popular opinion.

    It is based on lies, false flag ops, and sundry deceptions.

    The whole point of my post is to express that this is ‘really happening’. The US and Britain are, in fact, building their case for invasion. Right before our very eyes… at this very moment.

    The charade is the smoke and mirrors meant to confuse and scare people into believing that we need to invade Iran… that they deserve it.

    Yes this is real. We must be vocal. We must contact our Congress critters and raise hell about this true.

    But, I fear, that this invasion will take place in one form or another regardless.

  3. A.Citizen says:

    Nah…Bush is done. This U.S. Attorney, WH email quagmire’s got him by the goolies. He’s done.

    He bombs anyone and he’ll be impeached before the sun sets.

    Nice Digg on this!

  4. demoncratz says:

    You who are so convinced of your opinion; you better hope that the president is wrong. If he is right, the United States is in serious trouble and you are doomed. I am in Canada and I can tell you if Mr. Bush wants oil like you say, he could send your army north to get it . We have a diminished military from years of neglect by liberals just like you had before New York was attacked. In my opinion, you are already in trouble from above, and that is not the fault of the president. The ungrateful nation who spurned him and chose to side with murderers and an insolent female house speaker is the likely target. The democratic party of the United States will take you into hell, not the Republicans

  5. A.Citizen says:

    I respectfully suggest you stay in Canada as we have enough Kool-Aid drinking wingnuts ‘down here’ already.

    As for Mr. Bush being right?

    You must be kidding…

    I mean you are kidding, right?

    President George ‘The Idiot’ Bush has never been right in his entire life. Look it up if you don’t believe me.


    Of course you won’t do that.

    As for Hell that’s the definition of Republican governance. If you don’t believe that…

    As the ‘folks’ who are still living in New Orleans.


    We don’t want your oil; just like we don’t want your ill-informed comments based on Republican propaganda and lies.

  6. Daniel says:

    Nice share,mate. Cheers!

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