Iraq War up for Vote in Senate!

The bill which just left the House setting a timetable for withdrawal and requiring troop readyness levels in The MeatGrinder is coming before the Senate. Since the provisions affecting Bush’s…

‘…stupid, destructive, futile exercise in presidential hubris is brought to an end.’
—-Representative Paul Hodes (NH-02)

Needs only a simple majority to pass it’s very possible that this can be done. If you help pressure the lickspittle Congress. Even ReThuglicans are ready to vote for this as they see their Grand Old Piece of Shit Party being wiped from the face of the earth in 2008 if the United States led by ‘The Decider’ is still dying in Iraq.

Email or, better yet, call you Senator and demand they vote this legislation through as is!

You can contact them here………..


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