It looks like Karl ‘PigBoy’ Rove may have been…

Just a little too damn clever. Apparently, in a fabulously dumb move he and other denizens of the White House, specifically the one’s President George ‘The Idiot’ Bush relies upon for ‘unbiased, unvarnished, advice…’, this is the ‘argument’ BushDummy is using in trying to prevent Senate Democrats from questioning these fine, upstanding presidential counselors under oath have been using Republican National Committee servers to get their story’s straight communicate with each other by email regarding the U.S. Attorney criminality process.

I would like to know, along with Josh Marshall and the rest of the American People, just how executive privilege covers emails from the national committee of a major political party.

I bet Senator Leahy would like to know that also.

Flash Update: The ratfink criminals top officials of the DOJ involved in this attempt to subvert the rule of law in our nation are already ‘Taking the Fifth.’


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