You did it! Senate Votes to Leave Deadlines in Funding for The MeatGrinder!

I think they heard you guys. Harry Reid and the Democrats, no longer spineless, turned back the ‘rubber stamp’ ReThuglican Party by a party line vote. Here are the numbers from Kos:


The breakdown:

Democrats voting for amendment (or the wrong way):

Mark Pryor (AR)

Independents voting for it:

Joe Lieberman (CT)

Republicans voting against it:

Chuck Hagel (NE)
Gordon Smith (OR)

Not voting:

Mike Enzi (R-WY)
Tim Johnson (D-SD)

This means that the following Republicans facing tough or potentially tough reelection battles in 2008 just voted to escalate Bush’s war with no accountability. These guys just voted to attach themselves even closer to Bush’s hip:

Norm Coleman (NM)
Susan Collins (ME)
John Cornyn (TX)
Liddy Dole (NC)
Pete Domenici (NM)
Mitch McConnel (KY)
Pete Sessions (AL)
John Sununu (NH)
John Warner (VA)

These idiots will be hearing from their constituents. Big time I’m thinking. Gee.. Joey the Liarmann’s vote sure counted for a lot here. I hope the bone-heads in CT, the NutBall State, are happy with their lying scum of a Senator.

Now it’s on to conference committee where maybe Madame Speaker Pelosi can squeeze ‘The Decider’s’ nutsack a little harder. And then…

It’s veto time!


Watching Bush explain why he cut off funding for the troops is gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

George? If you or the NSA are lissening in? Jes remember….

‘Politics has consequences.’



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