Ah………the smell of Impeachment in the Morning!

Cute as button is she in her naval aviator’s helmet. Well, what the hell do you want? She can’t stuff her codpiece like her husband ‘The Decider’…well she could I guess but that would most likely drive the transgendered folk wild. And, perhaps not in a good way.

OK, OK, enough with teh snark!

Emptywheel over af FDL has put together a dyno-mite timeline of what’s comin’ in Congress. It ain’t quite ‘subpoena time’ yet but the table is being set.

Here ya are:

March 23 Deadline for Condi to turn over (Condi apparently ignored this deadline–see her upcoming date with Waxman below)

March 30 (today!) House and Senate [correction–DOJ wanted joint interviews, but it appears only the House Judiciary is involved at this point] Judiciary Committees begin to interview [in private interviews –so don’t look for it on CSPAN] 7 current and former DOJ employees on the USA purge; interviewees include:

  • Paul McNulty
  • William Moschella
  • Michael Elston
  • William Mercer
  • David Margolis
  • Monica “Five for Freedom” Goodling
  • Michael Battle

March 30 (today!) Deadline for State Department to turn over information on problems with the DynCorp contract to train Iraqi police

April 5 [House Oversight] Deadline for Fred Fielding to turn over information on the gwb43 and other non-governmental email practices (with interviews to occur the week of April 2)

April 5 [House Oversight] Susan Ralston scheduled to give deposition on the White House role in the Jack Abramoff scandal; this will include questions on the gwb43 email server

April 6 [House Oversight] Deadline for Josh Bolten to turn over all paperwork on MZM’s contract to install furniture sanitize the mail in OVP

April 7 [House Oversight] Deadline for information related to DOJ interference in tobacco settlement

April 10 [Closed SSCI hearing] CIA detention

April 12 [Closed SSCI hearing] National Security Letters

April 13 [House Oversight] Deadline for Karl Rove to answer questions regarding the PowerPoint targeting Democrats and potential Hatch Act violations

April 17 Soon to be former AG Alberto Gonzales testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee

April 17 [Closed SSCI hearing] Telecom liability act

April 18 [House Oversight] Condi visits (ha!) Waxman’s committee to answer questions on the Niger intelligence and all the other things Condi ignored from 16 letters Waxman wrote her before he got his gavel

April 19 [Closed SSCI hearing] FISA Modernization Legislation

May 17 hearing on the Wilson’s lawsuit

June 5 Libby’s sentencing hearing

That’s a whole lot of stuff fer President Pissypants to deal with. But….

I am not too sympathetic to this Fascist Fool who thought he could institute his own Reich here in the land of the free. ‘Some’ may not be as brave as they usta be but….

Waxman, Conyers and Pelosi with Feingold, Webb and Tester waiting in the wings? Against, Condi-lies-a-lot, Abu Gonzo, Dick ‘The Toad’ Cheney and ‘The Decider’.

I will take that matchup any day and give you odds.

Pass dat popcorn tekstone!


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