Senator McCain goes for ‘A Stroll’….

What an ugly lying Republican wannabe Fascist Senator John Mc cain has turned out to be. I was never a fan of this admiral’s son who got shot down over ‘Nam and was imprisoned by the North Vietnamese. Guy is on his third wife has been a suckup to Bush despite Rove engineering his defeat in the South Carolina primary by hinting he had an illegitimate black baby.

Now he’s ‘strolling’ around a Baghdad open market with 100 U.S. troops on the ground with him and three, yes three helicopters in the air above. All to prove that his stupid comment about how Baghdad was safe enough to ‘stroll’ through. I wonder how much it cost the U.S. taxpayer, that’s you, for this exercise in hubris. One million, two million….ah, who’s counting. Certainly not George W. Bush, Dick ‘The Toad’ Cheney, not it would appear Barrack Obama who recently said:

‘If President Bush vetoes an Iraq war spending bill as promised, Congress quickly will provide the money without the withdrawal timeline the White House objects to because no lawmaker “wants to play chicken with our troops,” Sen. Barrack Obama said Sunday.’

Well, I guess you can always count on the Generals to support any bloviating, gasbag who comes along…as long as they have a vote on military funding. See my Military Keynesianism post for more about this.

But, far and away the most sickening thing about Senator ‘SlimeBall’s’ little ‘stroll’ was what happened the next day in this market.

You see Iraqi’s are not really people, not really humans with lives, families, dreams of the future. Nope, they’re just a bunch o’ wogs who are bit players in Senator Mc cain’s big, excellent movie.

All about how he want’s to be Preznint.


If he does get the ReThuglican Party’s nomination I will run this picture and post every week and Digg it to.

This man has no business being in government at all. His callous disregard for anybody besides himself is worthy of Satan….

Or Bush.


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