John Bolton as Guest on CNN

Okay, I know that CNN is the ‘good cop’ to the Fox Network’s ‘bad cop’ – it may seem better, but they are on the same team.  But I can’t help getting pissed off when they do something so blatantly stupid and biased as they did yesterday.

I was watching AC 360 briefly as I was eating lunch or breakfast or whatever, and saw that substitute host John Roberts had John Bolton on as his ONE and ONLY guest.  Way to go to get several sides of an issue and present a “fair and balanced” story… NOT!

This is only days after John Bolton appeared on the Daily Show with  Jon Stewart (can parents STOP naming their kids John or Jon for a couple decades please??) and the very next day, Jon did what right wingers must consider similar to a splash of holy water in the face of a vampire: the dreaded “Fact Check”!

Here is the Daily Shows fact check that proves that John Bolton has NO IDEA what the fuck he is talking about.  Further, it shows how Bolton will state facts with great authority and seeming gravitas as if he knows without any doubt that what he is saying is fact… despite the fact that he is totally full of shit.

So CNN has this retarded armchair politico on to get his important opinion on the handling of the British hostages in Iran.  Roberts asks Bolton questions such as “does that prove that quiet diplomacy is the correct way to approach Iran?” “If you were Britain, how would you have approached this crisis?” then repeats the same question again to “propel the propaganda” in the words of the worst president ever.

Here is the sickening transcript.  Bolton goes on to refute Roberts’ claim that “no one has yet proven that they [Iran] are actually trying to acquire nuclear weapons” by saying, “I don’t think there really can be any doubt what Iran’s intentions are.”

I think Jon Stewart proved that John Bolton spits lies like a … well, like a … like a Republican.  Makes sense I suppose, because that is what he is: a LYING piece of shit Republican.


One Response to John Bolton as Guest on CNN

  1. A.Citizen says:

    I hate to tell ya but it was worse over at Lou ‘Look out da Meskins ‘re comin’ Dobbs show. He slobbered all over Bolton.


    Where is my wooden stake?

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