PUSSIES!…All the vile, evil things humanity is doing to itself an the ecosphere today and that’s what ‘some’ wanna rant about! The use of the word ‘Pussies’.

Well, I am up for that. Never let it be said that I failed to respond to criticism. Recently, ‘some’ have expressed outrage and indignation at
what they perceived as my inappropriate use of the word ‘Pussies’ in this post: Well Are Ya? Are Ya a Bunch O’ Pussies?  and this one: If Congress is a Bunch O’ Pussies. Like Colbert says….What does that make you? Now I have three things to say about this:

First, in the titles of these posts I am quoting Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart. A cursory examination of the post and watching the video clip would
have made this clear to the average reader. I actually thought about my using this word when I was reviewing these posts prior to publishing them. But I told myself…’Nah, the use of this charged word will not be a problem. Because…..

Second, this was satire. Yes, satire an old, established weapon used by the disenfranchised against the oligarchy and patriarchy going back to the days of Jonathon Swift and his famous: A Modest Proposal. Satire whereby the hyper-masculine propaganda that  the Fascist Bush Regime has used for the last six years is turned against it and it’s enablers the ‘Democrat’ Party, Malkin’s Monkeys, the ReichWing gasbags such as O’Lielly, Hannity, Coulter, Will, Tucker, and all the rest of the sexist, racist, jingoist scum who are working every day to destroy the idea of our nation. An idea of diversity, justice and fraternity progressives have held for many decades which has been advanced best by that most potent of weapons…

Freedom of Speech.

Now a couple of  things came to my mind when my fellow blogger malcontent brought these negative comments about what I had posted on our two blogs to my attention. I was upset to be attacked on an issue which as I have outlined above I feel has no validity. But more than that I was really upset that this was done through malcontent.

These was my work, not his, and if anyone has an issue they want to bring up about what I have posted. Let them contact me. I want to hear from anyone who feels I have written or said something they don’t agree with. That is how real progress is made; through dialogue. Now, malcontent tells me that those who approached him did not feel ‘comfortable’ raising the subject with me. That, even though they didn’t know me, they felt ‘intimidated’.

My question to them is: How do you expect to create real progressive change in this country if you are too ‘intimidated’ to talk to me?

I am not your enemy.

I will put my progressive credentials up for anyone’s review. I have been and remain ready to hear what others think. No one on this planet can say that I would not listen to what they had to say. I might not agree. Indeed, I  might disagree. But I have learned the hard way to listen, being a little opinionated in my younger days, and will continue to do that to the best of  my ability. I would hope that I do that in a way that fosters dialogue.

Even with those who have not, heretofore, given me the opportunity to do so.


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