CNN Does it Again

While I was stuck watching Lou Dobbs on CNN the other day at the gym, I was shocked and astonished to see that his only two guests on his segment about how horrible it is that Mexicans are forced to come to the US to earn money to support their families because the Mexican government is so dysfunctional were a Republican Congressional representative from California, Brian Bilbray, and a representative of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Oddly enough, they BOTH agreed with Dobbs’ assessement that Mexicans are bad people for the US economy and need to be executed sent back to Mexico.

I love that Lou wants to defend the “middle class” (or what he thinks is the middle class and is actually the lower upper class of US society) from being “squeezed”.  But his obsession with Mexican immigrants in this country is sickening.  And the fact that CNN gives him carte blanche to rail against them with only right-wing conservative guests to support his point of view is also sickening.

Jesus, what a fucking sack of shit.


One Response to CNN Does it Again

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Yeah, his ‘populism’ is about as convincing as Bush’s story about what he did in ‘Nam…

    Fat fucktard.

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