Somebody framed the Overton Window in the wrong wall!

Sheesh, all this talk by the folks runnin’ fer President on the Democratic ticket about if, how many, when, we gonna leave any there as to the number of human sacrifices troops they would leave/forget/dispatch to/in The MeatGrinder. I understand they were responding to questions from the folks at but this makes the argument I am making all the more important as it is very clear that the citizens of our nation are confused about what’s going on in Iraq and how the next President might extricate us from the quagmire Mr. Bush has sunk us into so effectively. Most success he’s had in his entire life seems to me and that a massive failure.

The Bushists have deliberately placed the Overton Window in the wrong wall of the house that Cheney built on a foundation of lies and illegality. Bush and Cheney would have the public believe that withdrawal of U.S. troops from The MeatGrinder is unthinkable. Democrats, the candidates included, have realized with the help of the citizenry applying some boot to their beltway butts have reached the point in the Overton Window process where withdrawal of the majority, if not all, troops is acceptable. Follow me to see where we want to put that window to give us a view of a future without Bush, Cheney, The Republican Party and The MeatGrinder.

I guess their consultants finally read them some polls or mcjoan maybe. But the candidates need to move on beyond sensible and popular to policy.

The American people already understand that Bush has created a total fuckup in The MeatGrinder they are ready to listen to someone who has a plan. Yeah, yeah, I know Bush has made the old joke about God giving man the ability to ‘plan’ his funny way of driving man insane a reality.


The Democratic candidates are not Bush and presenting the citizenry with a workable plan, say getting the neighboring states to sit down with the factions in Iraq and negotiating a cease fire would be an effective and deadly, to Bush, way of moving the window towards policy and at the same time differentiating themselves from the failed policies of the ReichWing.


Bush will never agree to this you say.

Who cares say I. If Edwards, for example, put this forward as a policy he would adopt upon being elected the idea would be ‘on the table’. This sort of approach is not new. It’s proven to work. Has worked in Bosnia and elsewhere many, many times.

The Bushist Junta’s greatest strength has been defining the Overton Window for the benefit of their criminal policies. This is why they cranked up the wheezy old ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’ regarding Madame Speaker Pelosi’s trip to Syria. They were and are deeply afraid that such a trip could result in movement towards regional solution of The MeatGrinder. Something that Bush with his non-Russian speaking ‘wife’ has no hope of doing.

They have signaled their fear and I call upon the Democratic candidates to stop talking about what’s acceptable or popular and put some policy on the table.

The American people are hungry for it.

And it’s way past time that we start using good policy to make good politics.


One Response to Somebody framed the Overton Window in the wrong wall!

  1. The Glenn Beck Review says:

    I have a review of Overton’s Window, the political theory, on my blog that might interest you.

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