Tekstone Speaks on the Imus Situation

Until now, I have been reticent to speak about this whole Imus racist comment situation.  Why?  Because I have been observing how the whole thing was revolving around everything that the mainstream media (MSM) loves – sensationalism – and avoiding everything that really matters – what really matters to us citizens of this country.

This is another example out of millions of examples over the past few decades of how the MSM news has lowered its standards to that of what we used to call sensationalist media and tabloid trash like the National Enquirer.  TV and newsprint media “news” is much more about crap that happens to celebrities and has nothing to do with the lives of everyday Americans than it aught to legally and morally.

Anna Nicole Smith didn’t have a single cell of talent in her whole overweight body.  Likewise, the media circus around Imus’ comments about the Rutgers womens’ basketball team doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with the actual problem our country should be facing and dealing with: WE ARE A RACIST COUNTRY.  Period.

I am not saying that that is okay and we should accept that.  What I am saying is that if we want to discuss what is really happening here, we need to admit that we as a country are racist and have been since our inception and that we need to discuss it and come to terms with it.  Otherwise we will NEVER be able to honestly resolve our deep-seated issues that are causing such angst and inner-conflict that the Imus and Cramer incidences are causing to come to a boil.

Those individuals that currently head the government and corporate America are EXTREMELY racist.  Most Americans have strong racist tendencies as well.  It doesn’t mean tha that these Americans are bad or mean ill-will for the most part, but the fact is that there are serious issues that MUST be brought out into the open and RESOLVED.

By over-analysing Imus and NOT taking a long, hard, serious look at the state of racism in America and her history, we are doing ourselves a disservice.  We are fooling ourselves…

But we are not fooling the rest of the world.  That is sad.  Let’s face our demons.  Let’s resolve our issues once and for all.  It won’t be painless, but it will likely be helpful.


3 Responses to Tekstone Speaks on the Imus Situation

  1. A.Citizen says:

    As I have pointed out elsewhere on the InnerTubes the resolution of the ‘Imus Distraction’ is not a victory against racism in this country. Imus was not fired because of his racist remarks. No homer, he was fired because he was damaging CBS’s product “March Madness’. The TV contract alone for NCAA rights to the ‘games’ was 6 Billion bucks. The Fundie’s Deity only knows what the advertising rights went for.


    When the brain-dead fool Imus started talkin’ about ‘nappy hair…’ and ‘Hos’ the bottom-line guys upstairs at corporate central went ballistic. Imus was hurting the ‘brand’ by associating it, young women playing a dumb game for no pay, with negative black stereotypes in a public forum.

    Result: No more Don.

    But we still got:




    Glenn Beck…

    and lots and lots more racist, jingos on the publicly owned airwaves spewing their hate and racism into the ‘sensitive’ ears of Amerikkkans.

    Call me when yer ready to get serious about race, gender and social justice.

    I’m busy workin’ on educating the folks as I see you are. Good post tekstone. Now, let’s get on with the class war
    Chicago Dyke’s got a plan!

  2. anonymous MF says:

    NCAA-revenue damage control aside, my point spoke to an issue greater than that. while not necessarily untrue, your comment failed to address the heart of what i was saying.

    it is hard to face our collective inner demons. it is much easier to point fingers and place blame. America is going to have quite a hangover when the party is finally over.

    i am going to start drinking water right now to help minimize mine.

  3. A.Citizen says:

    The party will never end until the citizens understand that their only value to the system is as consumers. Race, gender, party….none of that matters. Only your ability to buy what the oligarchy wants you to does.

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