While Ever Body is pattin’ themselves on the back about the ‘Don Imus Affair’ a couple of other things were goin’ on…

Nothing real important you dig. Just the Attorney General of the United States committing a felony and doin’ it with Congress at that. Not too bright but then ‘not too bright is an understatement for A.G. ‘Abu Graib’ Gonzales.

Then there was this lil’ dust up as Dear Leader attempted to catapult the propaganda about The War to Git Saddam out in the wilds of middle Amrukkka. Funny how that works George, ya see the more ya talk the less people want to listen to ya!

And apparently the folks in Missouri never hear of Atrios because they clearly don’t understand the phrase, ‘The Stupid it buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurns!’

And on the Science front why we now know more about T. Rex, no not the English rockers, and chickens.

I leave you with words of wisdom from Dear Leader. The man is a progressive’s dream President.

‘Our brave troops want to stay in Iraq to finish the job!’

With him at the helm the absolute destruction of the Republican Party and the ‘Conservative’ movement is a very real possibility.

I close with this for those of you who where ‘troubled by my posts for Colbert and Stewart……..


One Response to While Ever Body is pattin’ themselves on the back about the ‘Don Imus Affair’ a couple of other things were goin’ on…

  1. anonymous MF says:

    yeah, you noticed that too. the preznit grasping aimlessly for any kind of hope says, “the troops want to stay and finish the job!”

    i don’t know where to begin with that nugget…

    first of all, it is not up to the troops to decide whether they stay or come home. that is the job of their commanders and, unfortunately the commander in chief… who is responsible for carrying out the will of the people in a democracy. granted, we are a representative democracy (frought with election fraud as we are) not a ‘true’ democracy.

    secondly, what the hell kind of troop wants to be redeployed 8 times and have their limbs blown off?!@ i bet the troops would like to be back home with thier families and friends.

    our preznit = total moron

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