No pictures in this post…they’d make ya vomit.

And there’s not much writing here either. Just one link to an article you should read. Who the ‘you’ is in that sentence is the only thing I will comment on. I spend a certain fraction of my time talking with ‘folks’ of the feminine gender. Many in the 25 to 35 age group, mostly in social settings. What can I say but that I always enjoy these conversations.


When I inquire about these younger women’s interest in politics the vast majority react as if I’d just taken a shit on the floor in front of them. Hey, my momma taught me that if ya don’t ask ya do not find out.


Here’s the link to the story I’d like any such ‘folks’ who drop by here to read and then reflect on this statement, admittedly made by a man, which was uttered over 2500 years ago.

‘Just because you aren’t interested in politics doesn’t mean that politics isn’t interested in you.’
—–Pericles, Athenian Tyrant

Personally, I think the Religious Theocrats have stepped in it. But it all depends on the over 50% of the population whose most basic bodily process is now subject to state control.

I’ll continue to ask that question.

I wonder what my answers will be now.


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