We are now at Day 26 of the Hostage Crisis.

No one seems to know how it will end. Indeed many Americans are unaware of the deepening crisis involving the over 140,000 American hostages being held in Iraq. The amazing thing about it all is that this large number of Americans, all armed to the teeth and able to whip their weight in liberals several times daily, are being held hostage by one man President George W. Bush. Rather I should say they are being held hostage to Mr. Bush’s vanity and ego.

Folks who should know have stated unequivocally that ‘The war is lost…’. Let the ReichWing bleat all it wants about ‘supporting the troops’ while they fail to fund Walter Reed Hospital to the extent that the roof don’t leak. Let them wander in their fantasy land of ultimate victory. The Iraqi government which the war pimps of the ReThug Party were, it seems like just yesterday, extolling for their free and open elections know better. They have taken the first steps to end the crisis by exercising their ‘sovereignty’. But as we know there is only One True King and he is determined to continue the hostage crisis.

My way or the highway is his agenda. You see he knows that ‘success is just around the corner’. ‘They will stand up so we can stand down…’

And most important of all ‘The Surge is Working…’

Yep, Mr. Bush is convinced that holding 140,000 160,000 Americans hostage in Iraq until hell freezes over is the sure path to victory. After all….

‘The Surge is Working….’

‘The Surge is Working….


Yep, and Anna Nicole Smith is taking a nap in my bedroom.

What are you doing tomorrow?

Why not call your State Senator?

Why not call your Federal Representatives?

Why not call your neighbors and….

Tell them all that the the crazed psychotic mass murderer George W. Bush….

Needs to go!

Day 26, and no end in sight.


2 Responses to We are now at Day 26 of the Hostage Crisis.

  1. Mamie says:

    Posted one of my new favorite websites because it relates to my comment.

    YES! Bush & Chenney & Rove must go.

    Every responsible citizen who does not know all the information that people who crawl through the web for the truth should STILL be demanding answers.

    Each of us who knows can and SHOULD* via DIY Impeachment.


    *try to avoid using that word, but there it is.


  2. A.Citizen says:

    Do you live in Oakland, CA. if so you can join in our DIY Impeachment by cliking the Impeach Bush button upper right sidebar!

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