What’s ahead for the ReThugs courtesy of the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party this Month!

No……this scumbag does not belong to the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. He’s belongs to the Party of Me, Joey the LiarMann….

April 16, 2 PM: Deadline for DOJ to turn over the electronic data from emails and other documents withheld 

April 27: Deadline for DOJ to answer questions about previously undisclosed Renzi/Charlton contacts

April 30: Deadline for Condi to admit that BushCo’s dreadful policies actually lead to more terrorism, not less 

April 30: World Bank hearing at which Paul Wolfowitz begs to keep his job

May 1,  

May 1, 2:30 PM: SSCI open/closed hearing on FISA 

May 1, 10 AM: Oversight hearing on FDA’s mission

May 1, 10:30 AM: House Judiciary hearing on Bankruptcy Law  

May 3, 9:30 AM: James Comey testifies before the House Judiciary Subcommittee

May 3, 3 PM: House Judiciary hearing on Immigration Reform  

May 4: Deadline  for Gonzales to refresh his memory and report back to SJC

May 8: Deadline for RNC to turn over basic information regarding WH use of RNC server, with Chair Mike Duncan to appear

May 9: Gonzales appears before Senate Appropriations Committee 

May 10, 10 AM: George Tenet testifies before Oversight on the Niger claims  

May 10: Gonzales appears before HJC 

May 10: SSCI closed hearing on National Security Lettters 

May 10, 10:30 AM: Labor and Education hearing for Margaret Spellings to explain the graft in Student Loans and Reading First programs

May 17: Hearing on the Wilson’s lawsuit 

May 18: Deadline for 20 agencies to turn over information related to political presentations using government resources

May 18: Deadline for the WH and Pentagon to turn over any documents relating to Pat Tillman’s death 

Tune in and check it out. History is in the making. And the ReThugs are on the way out!


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