The Next Movie at Drinking Liberally, Oakland is all about Political Action….well…it is a movie…

I posted about it right after I saw it and still consider it to be worth a look and capable of provoking some useful discussion about what the duties of a citizen are in a Fascist state such as we find ourselves living in. It had it’s detractors, notably the guy who reviews for the New Yorker, he frankly had no clue that he was living in republic that was rapidly spiraling into crisis, malcontent also weighed in with his version of ‘The Truth’ about 9/11. The Washowski Brothers definitely took this one a lot further than I thought they would in terms of calling an out of control cabal of NeoCon sockpuppets acting at the behest of The Corporate Slave State what they are, that is:

Fascists intent on ending the freedoms we Americans still enjoy.

Think I’m exaggerating. Think again, and again, and again. The time is now for you to stand up and tell the illegal, illegitimate government of the United States: ‘Hell no, I’m not gonna put up with that or that or any of you who consider the soldiers of our overstressed military a usefully disposable means of lining the pockets of your corrupt crony capitalist scum who live and work in the Forges of Hell.

This movie covers many of the issues we find ourselves discussing at D/L and I’m sure it will get you pumped up about the upcoming battle for the soul of our democracy. The outcome of that battle clearly depends on what you and I do. Which means we, you and I, working together will determine whether future Americans live in freedom or as slaves…

…on their knees to the likes of Cheney and Bush.

Here’s the trailer for ‘V’ to whet your appetite……not too worry the movie is a lot more political than the trailer. I’ll be posting more clips as we get closer to show time which is: Sunday, May 6th at 6:00pm.

As malcontent and the mighty tekstone would tell ya, ‘There are no coincidences’.


I hope to see you there and let’s get together after and talk about our hopes and goals for the coming year….This will be the year of Impeachment, yeah ya heard it here first, and YearlyKos 2007 not to mention the Dem presidential primaries and gearing up to run 10-12 Republican pusbags out of the Senate. Whereupon, Harry Reid can strip Joe LiarMann of his committee chairmanships, starting with HomeLand Security, give him a broom and dustpan. The only tools I’d be willing to bet he could use.

You and your friends are invited to come down, see the movie, and have beer or two. Luka’s just started carrying Brigand Belgian Ale which at 9% should give Racer 5 got’s some competition now!


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