The Fool on the Hill…..

Olbermann tells it like it is:

The battle is joined between the idiot George W. Bush his cabal of fascist pimps, corporate thieves, religious scum and the entire Republican Party and and us, the People of America. It’s gonna take a multi-part campaign to vanquish this threat to all that is good or could be good in America.


Stop the goddamn stupid, illegal, immoral occupation.


Expressing our views as a citizens to the Democrats and Republicans in office.

Voting reform.

Action on Energy.

I would hope you would join me in assaulting the forces which continue to prop up Bush and his endless war on Iraqi’s and us.

It’s not over, we haven’t won and I don’t care if you’re tired of the fight. Do you want to live on your knees for the rest of your life?

That’s where BushCo. has you now and they. Do. Not. Intend. To. Let. You. Up.

You’re gonna have to do that, not on your own, but rather with others like me and malcontent and the rest of the active members of BRAG, Drinking Liberally and the entire gotdamn Blogosphere.


One Response to The Fool on the Hill…..

  1. susaneb says:

    the fool on the hill: a perfect description….glad to hear such comforting words…

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