Announcing a new regular Drinking Liberally, Oakland Meetup: Breakfast with A.Citizen & Friends.

Over the last year and a half Drinking Liberally, Oakland had been meeting on the second and last Wednesday of every month at Luka’s Taproom and Lounge one thing we, the ‘leadership’ of D/L Oakland, have heard repeatedly was the observation that our meeting time and day of the week was one that many otherwise interested folk could not make due to any number of reasons. A rough consensus indicated that a brunch meeting might be good for many who we otherwise would never see.


I am announcing that starting this Sunday and for the following four Sunday’s I, A. Citizen, will be at Luka’s for Brunch starting at 11:30 am and going until I get bored or all D/L folk have left for other Sunday activities. I’ll be ready willing and pleased to host a meetup where we can talk politics, progressive reform, the blogosphere and social theory or whatever…

I’ll be the guy with the Drinking Liberally table tent at his table. If this attracts enough interest we’ll put more energy into it and take over the Lounge if needed. Brunch at Luka’s is pretty good deal and if you just want coffee and a nibble the beignets are to die for!

Hope to see you!


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