Welcome to the New Boss…Same as the Old Boss!

My favorite progressive blogger David Sirota is madder than hell; and with good reason.
Seem like the ‘Democrat’ wing of our Democratic Party has decided that K-Street cash is just sooooooooo fine that they’ve got to have some o’ dat.
David lays out the slimy scheming of, get ready for it, Madame Speaker Pelosi. Yep, that is correct the woman who told us ‘impeachment is off the table….’ seems to  love her some Bush.
The linked post is a long one so if yer to busy watching the NBA playoffs why don’t bother. It’s just about the export of the rest of the good jobs in America. Nothing too gotdamn important.
Jane over at FDL is a little excited about it too, but what the hell just suck on that imported Belgian beer and work on yer options list for your new Lexis. After all this legislation merely give President Bush authority to fast track trade deals.
And you just know we can trust Mr. Bush to look after us Americans and all.
If after studying this issue you think you might want to contact your bought and paid for elected representative about this issue you can do that here.
The picture? Hey that’s the ReThuglican and ‘Demcrat’ Parties idea of the ‘Good Old Days!’ You can reach Madame Speaker Pelosi at (202) 225-4965 if you want to ask just what the hell she’s up to.


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