Is this a Racist Flag?

If you follow this blog at all you may have read the mighty tekstone’s post ‘Outlaw Racist Flags’. It’s quite a popular post attracting multiple hits every day. Why that is so is a matter of some debate. Me…I think that from the search terms used, yes homer we here at BRAG can see what you started out looking for, think that people are looking to buy racist flags. But, it’s not really clear. It could be a lot of things.

After giving it some thought I decided to take a different perspective on this. As you know we have a most unusual election shaping up for President in 2008. We have a woman running and….

A black man, Senator Barrack Obama, who is currently nipping at The Hill’s sensible low-heeled flats, and who is according to the CW proof positive that our nation is no longer in the grip of Goober from ‘Bama and his racist brain-locked neandertalism. You see current polling ‘tells us’ that Americkkkans are quite, quite willing to vote for a black man for President. and Hillary too for that matter but equality between the sexes ain’t what this post is about.

Racism, our national curse since the founding of this diverse nation, is what I’m talkin’ about here. The sort of twisted evil that forced to turn off it’s comments feature on any story relating to Senator Obama. Further, if you go back and look at polling results for the ‘Would you vote for a black man?’ question prior to Obama’s entering the race…well, you get some different results, check the historical graphs at the end of the article. I am not alone is wondering if ‘folks’ like their ‘Dear Leader’ are lying about this.

As you know one of our greatest religious leaders went to hell passed away today. Let’s see what he had to say on the subject of race:

“[I]f Chief Justice Warren and his associates had known God’s word and had desired to do the Lord’s will, I am quite confident that the 1954 decision would never have been made … The facilities [for the races] should be separate. When God has drawn a line of distinction, we should not attempt to cross that line.” From a sermon, “Segregation or Integration,” published by Thomas Road Baptist Church in “The Word of Life,” 10/58

That seems pretty clear. And yeah that was way, way back in 58. But we don’t have to look too far to find a major media talking head who had no problems labeling collegiate women ‘nappy headed hos’ because they were black. Oh, fuck yeah, that was supposed to be humor. That was his idea of ‘funny’. Suppose he’d been talkin’ about your sister or your niece? Would you be laughin’ fool? But these are our culture’s public clowns they are merely allowing ‘folks’ to expiate their hidden feelings of discomfort and nervousness about ‘the other’ which blacks have always represented to real Americans. Some tools of the ‘invisible conspiracy’ would have you believe that.

Some fools actually believe such drivel or a near facsimile. ‘It’s just outrageousness for the sake of ratings they whine.’ Me I don’t. Not for an instant. You see I know a few black people well enough that they don’t always think of me as ‘that White Devil I know…’. And they tell a different story.

A story of a sudden lack of interest in employing them during a phone interview when their race is revealed. Being stopped while ‘driving while black’ or worse, perhaps, being passed over for a job you want while being female and black. I could go on but, really what’s the point, if you are black I’m preachin’ to the choir you already know this. If you’re white you know it too. Thing is you don’t want to admit it ’cause it makes you feel bad. It makes me feel bad and sad a for my fellow citizens who are hurt each and every day for no reason. No reason at all.

In point of fact, the flag don’t mean that much to me. I don’t get an erection like the assclown reichwingers at the V.F.W. and the like do when it flaps overhead. But one thing I do know about it….

Long has it, still does it…wave over a racist country.

Past time to do something about it.

‘Americans are good people…’ folks will tell you. I’d really like to see ’em prove it.


3 Responses to Is this a Racist Flag?

  1. auroranorth says:

    i sell nazi flags, and Jewish flags, and gay flags, and rebel flags I don’t practice censorship, once you begin that the slightest penetration is sufficient to commit the act, i get hate mail from Albanians who don’t like the Serbian flag, from Muslims who don’t like the snake on the don t tread on me flag, from leftists who don’t like nazi or rebel flags,, from nazis who dont like the soviet flag, A Pin head who wants to outlaw something usually does not have an agenda worth hearing. Tekstone you get the award for PINHEAD of the Year.

  2. says:

    Regards for this post, I am a big big fan of this website would like to proceed updated.

  3. percoset withdrawl…

    […]Is this a Racist Flag? « Bear Republic Action Group[…]…

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