The Voice of the People…..

Just back from a rousing meeting of D/L Oakland. The hardcore were there in force and they were pissed. You know why. The Democrats Caved as I explored in my last post. But…

Enough about me. What do the people say? From we have this from an irate citizen in Florida:

You are an embarrassment

Sen. Harry Reid

May 23, 2007

I am embarrassed to have supported you, Sir. You and other Democrats have rolled over and allowed George Bush to get exactly what he wanted: all the cash for the War-Based-on-Lies with no accountability at all.

What are you afraid of? Is this wimp of a president that much of a bully to you? He folded his arms and had a tantrum like a petulant child in a supermarket, and you gave in. Shame on you.

Perhaps you don’t remember why the Democrats won the last election: TO END THE WAR.

Would a Republican congress have caved in to a Democratic president the way you did? Of course not.

You should have continued sending the SAME BILL back to Bush over and over. If he chose to veto it, it would have been HE who stopped funds to the troops.

You should have forced him to accept it.

Here’s what you should have said:

"This war has been a huge disaster. We are not going to allow this disaster of a war to continue endlessly. We’ve approved funds to the troops for now, but we’re going to make sure this disaster ends soon. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT MR PRESIDENT."

You may want to write that down and rehearse it for August when this discussion begins again.

The American people want us OUT. The Iraqi people want us OUT. You were elected with one simple directive: Get us OUT. You have failed.

Cutting funds to end a war has been done many times. It should have been done by now.

Davie , FL

From a rather irritated voter, I assume anyway, in San Francisco:

Shame on You!

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

May 22, 2007

Shame on you for enabling Bush to continue his insane war! Your spin that this is the beginning of the end to the war is bogus. Bush and Cheney are laughing their asses off tonight at what you wimpy Dems have done! The message from Nov. 06′ was ‘end this war’ ,not play political football with American lives. 100+ deaths per month continue because you SOLD OUT!!

San Francisco , CA

Ah, hell who cares what those Dirty Fu#$in’ Hippies in SF think anyway. Right?

Wait, wait, wait a minute…Here is a letter from someone in OH to Mitch ‘I like Bush’ O’Connell Senate Minority Leader. Read this and see what Republicans are saying, some of ’em anyway…..

TIME OUT! Congress Should Determine the Outcome in Iraq…BIG LET DOWN!!!

Sen. Mitch McConnell

May 22, 2007

Democratic leaders have decided to drop their insistence on a timeline for withdrawing US forces from Iraq;
I just KNEW this was going to happen. What a waste! Thanks for nothing.
Don’t worry. We won’t forget.
RON PAUL IN 2008!!!

Garrettsville , OH

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. dat Ron Paul dude struck a nerve…and a populist one too. Who’d a’ thunk it? And from the ReThug House Minority Leader John Boehner we get….

George W. Bush, you are being paid millions of dollars to support this war.

Rep. John Boehner

May 20, 2007

President Bush,

This war should not be.
Iraq posed no threat to us.
No weapons of mass destruction.
No yellow cake uranium from Niger.
No ties to Al Qaeda.
No ties to 9/11.
All LIES that you fabricated in order to convince the American people to support a war designed to make hundreds of Billions of dollars for the oil companies and defense contractors that funded your election campaigns and millions of dollars in kickbacks for you (for making all those hundreds of Billions possible).

3,422 of our brave soldiers have returned home from Iraq in boxes…
packed in ice…
cold and blue…
So that a bunch of greedy oil executives, greedy defense contractors, and greedy politicians like you could become multi-millionaires.

You are not fighting terrorism in Iraq. You are creating more of it according to the National Intelligence Estimate released by your administration in April 2006.

How did the British defeat the IRA?
Did they launch a full-scale military invasion of Ireland with tanks, aircraft carriers, bombers, artillery, battalions of troops??
They poured all of their resources into Intelligence and SWAT teams.
They found out where the terrorists were training, busted down their doors, and put them in chains.

As a very wise man named OSHO once said, in reference to fighting terrorism, "Sometimes where a needle is useful, a sword may not be of any use."
A needle means a precision strike on a terrorist training camp, based upon valid intelligence and with the use of a SWAT team or a Tomahawk cruise missile.
(Especially not hundreds of thousands of them, George.)

The sword (full-scale military invasion) is of no use against terrorists.
However, the sword has proven very useful for one thing… making hundreds of Billions of dollars for your campaign contributors and millions of dollars in kickbacks for you George (for making all those hundreds of Billions possible).

If I had the power to do so, I would exhume every last one of the 3,422 soldiers that you have so carelessly cast into Eternity, and I would carry their corpses in my arms one by one to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and I would pile all of your murder victims on the south lawn and I would force you to stare at that mountain of skeletons in order to make you aware of the crimes you have committed.

West Chester , OH

Holy jumpin’ crawdads malcontent this ‘ignorant’, ‘low-information’ voter knows about military Keynesianism and what it implies for him. Damn, maybe that ‘low-information’ thing is getting tired.

Now if only the assholes running for President on the ‘Democrat’ ticket wher half as fuking smart, huh?

Sadly, they are not.

Not even close.

So, regular_guy, malcontent, tekstone, SAS, I am thowin’  down the gauntlet. If this quick and dirty sample of opinion shows that the citizenry, across the political spectrum gets what  the ‘Demcrat’ Party caving is really about….

Can we get it together and make some noise, apply some pressure to….

Push Back!


2 Responses to The Voice of the People…..

  1. anonymous MF says:

    If the Dems fought Bush on this at this time, Lieberman might have gone over to the Republican side. Yes, he supports the illegal occupation of Iraq that much.

    And you know that if he did that, the Rethugs would then be in control of the Senate. Why should the Dems lose their majority on this one issue? they don’t have the votes to override a veto, so they had no choice.

    if they lose the majority, they become even MORE ineffective and the rubber-stamp senate goes back to work approving everything Bush wants.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    No, no matter what LiarMan does Harry Reid will remain Senate Majority leader. Such are the current Senate rules adopted by the Democrats at the beginning of this session.

    Thus Democrats will retain control of all committee chairmanships and procedure in the Senate no matter what LiarMan does.

    The real criminals, and that is indeed what they are, are the ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats and those ReThugs who continue to support President Death in his spiral into madness. Their support prevents the creation of a veto-proof majority in either branch of Congress. We of the blogosphere know what needs to happen to them.


    Pelosi and Reid share blame in that they failed to lead.

    Cowards all.

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