YK 2007 Fundraiser a big, big success…and fun also!

Now who is this I wonder? Many at the YK2007 Fundraiser were asking the same thing. Jerry McNerney was in not doubt about what this guy thought of the Iraq Supplemental vote that’s for sure.


Well you all know how self-effacing I am. Me and Regular_Guy kicked back and chatted with our new and now good friend Melanie Brenner who has been hangin’ with us at the last few D/L, Oakland events. I’m sure there’s a picture or two of me somewhere Mona was, as always, on the job and maybe I’ll show up there. We got to see some new/old friends like Gina and Mary and Kid Oakland and Matt L. Enough namedropping however. The big news is that YearlyKos still has room and still needs your financial help to be all it can be. sic.

And yeah…Markos was there and we, D/L of Oakland, may have some real exciting news to share about events this summer!

Navaho was great with a good post over at dKos on this…………. From which I ‘borrowed’ this picture of Dear Leader malcontent. Thanks Navaho!

Stay tuned and give some $$$ if you can.


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