As per usual the FCC wants to give big business what belongs to you.

Semaphore anybody? Now that a huge chunk of wireless spectrum has become available the FCC. Does that stand for ‘Fine Criminal Conspiracy’ or maybe ‘Five Capitalist Crooks’…no, no I’ve got it: ‘Fellowship of Cheaters and Crooks’.

Whatever dude. See instead of releasing this big juicy chunk of the radio spectrum for something cool, economically stimulating, or apt to foment technological advance these fine, Bushite beaurocrats want to sell it to folks like Comcast and A.T.&T. so they can…..

Sell it back to us. The folks who own it in the first place. So instead of free, nation-wide, high-speed, wireless Internet access you can continue to let Comcast and it’s co-conspirators vacuum money out of your bank account every month.

Or not….

We whipped the TELCOs asses on ‘Net Neutrality’ and we can do the same here.

Please start by visiting the communist conspiracy and signing their petition. Or visit our old friends Save the Internet and sign theirs. Better yet, do both please.

I will do my best to keep you posted on action you can take to stop this Bushist corporate greed-fest.

The action is up to you.


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