Liebermann. Liar. Delusional. Maybe the worst Senator Ever.

Check what Holy Joe is saying about these troops he is schmoozing with now that he is back, safe and sound in the U.S., out by clicking on the image below….

This arrogant scumbag has the gall to say that the increase in deaths of both American soldiers and Iraqi civilians is because the BushCo. surge is working. That’s right it’s workingit’s’s working.…Clap louder ’cause Joe the Leader sez ya gotta or else you are a IslamoFascist yourself.

Hey Joe why don’t you strap that stupid-looking outfit you had on last week in Baghdad back grab a rifle and head on back to The MeatGrinder? What’s that you say Joe? You’ve gotta stay here and keep the ‘Democrat’ Party from undermining your Dear Leader’s President’s plans to plunge the Middle East into Armageddon, thus saving your precious state of Israel, while he simultaneously destroys the fabric of government here in the U.S?


Well Okay Joe I did not know your work was so important to the smooth functioning of the New Fascist State United States Government. I’m sure we would miss you if you got yer fat head blown off in Iraq fighting fer freedom.

But you know something Joe?

I’m willing to take that chance to see the President’s plan succeed. So…

How about it Joe?

Are you game?

If you want to urge Joe to back up his callous, wingnut ravings by exposing his own lily-white ass to ‘insurgent desperation’ you can do so here………. And you don’t have to be a constituent. Something I would never want to be. I often wonder how the residents of The NutBall State sleep at night after having elected arguably the ‘Worst Senator Alive Today’.



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