Do you ‘Luv you some Abu Gonzo’?

Here’s the little toady beaming his love to ‘The Commander Guy’:

If his sickening abuse of the office of Attorney General of the United States to advance Karl Rove’s voter fraud scam to disenfranchise people of color in this nation, or his politicization of the U.S. Attorney Generals is bothering you why now is your chance to speak out.

This link to People for the American Way will allow you with a few clicks of the button to sign a petition demand a vote of ‘no confidence’ in Mr. Abu Gonzo architect of Gitmo, the suspension of Habeas Corpus and the ever popular NSA wiretapping operation which is wasting billions of dollars listening to you talking to your girlfriend while the wife is in the shower in on innocent Americans.

This is not joke folks. The two criminals pictured above would not hesitate a heartbeat deciding to disappear you or those near and dear to you if they thought they could get away with it.

And guess what?

They think they will.

And they might be right unless you speak out.

Flash Update: ‘Many’ have said to me….’Vote of no confidence! Impeach his toady lil’ ass! Well now you can sign a petition for that too. Right here……………


2 Responses to Do you ‘Luv you some Abu Gonzo’?

  1. anonymous MF says:

    Karl Rove has nothing to do with “voter” fraud. He is likely guilty of engineering massive “election” fraud, however.

    The righties keep confusing the issue by talking about “vote fraud” which is so negligible we don’t even need to mention it. But this smokescreen serves their purpose as evidenced by the use here in this post of the term in place of what is the actual problem: “election fraud”.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Dude, get the earwax out. Karl ‘Pigboy’ Rove is the mastermind behind the ‘voter fraud’ meme which he has used for years to whip up the base. He may have taken that fatal step too far with his firing of U.S. Attorneys who did not see the non-existent ‘voter fraud’ he was demanding they take action on.

    Action primarily against Democrats and further, Democrats of color. The man is deranged on this issue. He has proved that rather than a ‘political genius’ he is one sick, sick puppy. He will be remembered as the man who could not turn Bush’s 80% approval rating post 9/11 into a lasting ReThug majority.

    I say ‘may’ because the Dems have yet to subpoena this jelly-assed thug.

    I believe they will and then millions of citizens will get to see and hear this thug defend himself.

    If he can.

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