Today’s ‘Brunch with malcontent’ discussed a lot of issues….

Three, in no particular order were:

Outsourcing of American jobs to overseas and the signs of the beginning of a pushback on this trend which has been something neither Republicans nor Democrats, including Bill Clinton, have done anything about other than tell lies. Read: The Specter Haunting Your Office
By James Lardner

The recent release of a position paper by the Edwards campaign named, gasp, The Poverty Platform. shows that John Edwards is going to take the fight to the American people’s true enemy. Hint: It ain’t Osama bin Laden bud. I will be blogging about this much more in my next post on ‘Progressive is Peace, Health and Prosperity for Everyone.’

There was some talk and excitement about moving B.R.A.G. to our own servers and implementing Drupal so that we have total control over B.R.A.G. and both it and the D/L blog can be on the same platform. Yeah, I know technology is boring….

Well wait and see, we expect Drupal to really facilitate the growth of our community.

Hope to see ya this Wednesday. Malcontent will have more for ya on that soon.

Flash Update: Having read the ‘story’ on Edwards by Matt Bai all the way through, something I didn’t have time to do before Brunch, I feel I need to here more from Edwards. Bai’s story points our what he, Bai, feels are inconsistencies in Edward framing. More troubling is Bai’s criticism of  Edwards for not being populist enough. I don’t believe Edwards can break through to win if he does not go on the attack against the American people’s greatest enemy. The uber-rich  and their allies the corporate looters. I remain to be convinced that Edwards is unwilling to do this. This will be a very interesting primary season.


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