For a Blue Majority Now! is Born.

Yes folks campaign season, in a word, is here. And I have taken the unpopular step of setting up our ActBlue page. It’s titled:

For a Blue Majority Now!

At this time it contains only my picks for folks running for Federal Office both near and far. I’ll be blogging about each one in the future. Hopefully, malcontent and regular_guy will join me in adding progressive candidates to this page who are just as sick of the spineless ‘Democrat’ Party leadership as I am. The idea is to put a majority in place in both Houses of Congress that owes us not K-Street nor the Military Industrial Complex for their place in the corridors of power. Simple power politics. And yeah…it’s probably take a few election cycles to do that. But lemme ask ya….

Do your really think change will come if you don’t work and strain and sweat for it?

In this vein neither Boxer nor Feinstein are now or ever will be on our page. Not if I have anything to say about it anyway.


Jury’s still out for me on that.


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