My Open Letter to Harry Reid. Subject: The LiarMann.

Hey Harry! It’s me again. I wanted to call your attention to something but…Gee, I started lookin’ at the letters the citizenry is sending you and the wingnuts and nativists are really out in force today. Those hordes of brown people ‘surging’ over the border really have folks scared.

Funny about that Harry. Studies have shown that the great American people are really clueless when it comes to make realistic assessments of the threats they face.

Brown hordes! Whoa! That’s some to be scared of. Well, as you know that’s not really the case. Numerous studies show that those meskins are contributing to the economic well-being of the U.S. big time. ‘Sides you and I know that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it as long as Mexico’s economy is in the dumper.

Lost my thread there Harry. See, I’m not writing you about the evil meskins I’m writing you about a danger you face that is far closer to home. This vile sycophant has time and again tried to undercut your authority as Senate Majority Leader. He’s lied again and again about Iraq, President Bush, the Democratic Majority and recently denigrated our troops overseas.

Yet you call him ‘friend’.

Well Harry I think you had better re-evaluate your relationship to Joey the LiarMann. Do it soon Harry ’cause I am not sure your constituents are gonna like it when gas hits $8.00/gal. What’s Holy Joe the ‘Last Honest Man’ have to do with that Harry. Well, ‘Rape Gurney Joe’ makes a violent speech on Sunday about the absolute necessity of our bombing Iran and the price of a barrel of oil went up 10% this morning.

So you see Harry it’s not too smart to be defending HoJo right now he is spiraling into a crash dive I doubt he will recover from.

Question is…are you gonna join him?

I sent this by way of Here’s Harry’s page in case you want add your thoughts on Joe’s mental state.


One Response to My Open Letter to Harry Reid. Subject: The LiarMann.

  1. A.Citizen says:

    For those who aren’t totally conversant with left blogistan slang. HoJo, Joey the LiarMann. Joe ‘The Last Honest Man’ are nicknames for Senator Joseph Lieberman.

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