At Tonight’s Meetup Malcontent handed out the following study by Media Matters….

Follow this link to find out what Americans really think about….

The role they want government to play in their lives….

The economy….




You will find it informative and to the point. The truly odd thing is that contrary to what the small-brained folks over in the RiechWing are constantly saying….

Americans are Progressive not xtian death cultists, not fans of Bill O’Lielly, not followers of Pastor Ted or Lou Dobbs. Yeah, you heard me…

Americans are Progressive on all the issues listed and more.


2 Responses to At Tonight’s Meetup Malcontent handed out the following study by Media Matters….

  1. Thomas Jefferson says:

    I guess that depends on whose poll you believe, doesn’t it.

    For example if you’re taking the conclusions of any poll in use by any MSM organization at this point, you better make sure you know a few things before you go taking the results as gospel.

    Hard to believe a liberal would lie, I know, but there it is.

    And btw, I think you’re way off base with your assumptions about how “blue” the country really is. The ‘Polls’ say otherwise.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Do you ‘unsubstanitated assertion’ much? You refer to other polls…

    Which ones. Here in the infinte blogosphere we have these things called ‘links’ which you can use to educate us to the facts about how the entire nation is deep, deep red.

    Take for example the ‘greatest living conservative president’. Tweety, PumpkinHead and others are convinced that this bold, manly man is leading the country with the support of the vast majority.

    Funny, this seems to show that this great conservative President…doesn’t have many followers.

    But then the guy who created this chart has only been doing it for six years so he, being a liberal, is obviously a liar.

    We bow to your superior wisdom about polling.

    When you demonstrate some pal.

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