John Edwards: Solid on Policy for the Netroots.

Anyone in left blogistan who does not get on board with the John Edwards campaing is either a fool or a tool. While Obama -the-Empty-Suit engages in the politics of mud throwing with The Hill, Edwards wrote this letter:

Via Electronic Comment Filing System

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20554

Re: Docket 07-52, In the Matter of Broadband Industry Practices

Dear Commissioners:

I understand today is the last day that you take public comments before starting to decide whether the Internet is going to remain free and open, or whether a few big telecommunications and media companies will be able to decide what content we get to read, listen and watch first.

This question goes to the heart and soul of democracy. For democracy to work in this country, people need to be well informed and we need to hear a wide variety of diverse voices.

Equal access to the Internet is also important for growing our economy. Small businesses and entrepreneurs cannot hope to outbid big companies for preferred status on the Web. It is worth asking whether new businesses like Amazon and eBay could have emerged into fast-growing powerhouses if they had been shunted to the slow lane of the information superhighway.

If you do not guarantee net neutrality, the Internet could go the way of network television and commercial radio – with just a few loud voices and no room for the grassroots and small entrepreneurs. Our country is already divided enough between the haves and have-nots. Where we go to school, where (and if) we get health care, whether we can retire with dignity – we have big divides in all of these areas in this country. While we work to create one America, we should not allow the Internet to be divided so that some web sites work faster based on who can pay the highest access fees. That would make the other important work we have to do that much harder.

I urge the FCC to continue to preserve free expression and commerce on the Internet by continuing to enforce net neutrality.

John Edwards

Chris Bowers over at MyDD posted that a victory by The Hill was inevitable. He got 265 comments. He averages around 10 usually. I didn’t bother to join in the pile-on. I did here his warning though. He actually said that if Edwards or someone else didn’t get some traction in the early primaries it would be over quickly.


What can you do? Join the Edwards campaign to change this nation for the better. To change this nation so it is truly by and for the people visit our ‘For a Blue Majority Now!’ page to learn and then contribute to the Edwards effort.

And if you prefer someone else for President you can still add your voice to those of us who believe net neutrality is a good idea by cliking here…………….


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  1. A.Citizen says:

    You are welcome.

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