Blogswarm Alert: It’s Time to Save the Internet Again!

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What’s happening now? Well, a huge chunk of the electromagnetic spectrum, the stuff we need to have radio and TV and wireless networks in your home will be returned to the public domain.

The government has ordered television broadcasters to return a large chunk of the free airwaves they have used for decades when they switch over to digital broadcasting in February 2009. Those returned airwaves — which are located along the 700 Megahertz portion of the broadcast spectrum — are highly prized because they are able to travel fairly long distances and penetrate structures.

This area of the spectrum lies at 700 MHz. and will allow the construction of a coast to coast high-speed, wireless Internet. Of course this presents a tremendous opportunity for one of two things to happen:

An open source high-speed Internet where anyone and everyone can innovate and compete to the ultimate benefit of all Americans. A key building block in the Prosperity section of my meme: ‘Progressive is Peace, Health, and Prosperity for Everyone.’


Yeah, you guessed it. An opportunity for Comcast, the TELCOs and other corporatist monopolists to vacuum out all the money in yer wallet.

Which do you choose?

Clik on the banner above to go to the Save the Internet web site and learn how you can take action.

We one this fight last time.

Let’s do it again.


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