Elizabeth Edwards addresses the Alice B. Toklas Club Breakfast.

I know some of our Drinking Liberally friends will be there. Here’s a quote about the event:

Elizabeth Edwards’ star appearance at the huge Alice B. Toklas Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Democratic Club Pride Breakfast this weekend marks something of a landmark in a presidential campaign — the first appearance of a major candidate or spouse at the San Francisco Gay Pride festivities.

Edwards, wife of Democratic former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, will speak at the Toklas breakfast on Sunday and already the tickets are sold out to the 8 a.m. event at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

Rebecca Prozan, Alice B. Toklas co-chair, calls the appearance of Elizabeth Edwards — a popular and formidable campaigner, and a highly effective spokeswoman for her husband — “huge” to the LGBT community, saying that it underscores how the Democratic presidential candidate is sending a message of “commitment to our community and our issues.”

Sadly we learned of this event too late to give it much publicity here but I am sure that our efforts, while helpful, would be small compared to the tremendous sense of recognition those many who belong to this community, a subset of our bigger Bay Area progressive community, are feeling right now.

Another good reason to get behind the Edwards campaign.


4 Responses to Elizabeth Edwards addresses the Alice B. Toklas Club Breakfast.

  1. Mick says:

    Maybe we can have “Universal Health Care” if John Edwards is elected. He’s such a nice, progressive, good looking man!

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Jeepers we thought you’d died ‘er sumtin’. tekstone will be thrilled!

    As fer Senator Edwards…Romney has those big wide shoulders ‘you can land a 737 on…’ So maybe he’s the one to declare supreme dictator, eh?

  3. Mick says:

    I’m for Rudy, who has no hair. I think ideas are more important.

  4. A.Citizen says:

    Bwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Rudy….*gasp*….Rudi….*choke*…Ideas…man, what a true humorist you are dude! Rudi is a prototypical Republican Thug. Not a brain cell functioning under that dome.

    He does like to wear a dress now and again tho’.

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