What was I saying back on May 24th? Oh….yeah, now I remember. Something about the shit hitting the fan? That was a  follow up on my ‘hostage’ post.

And then there was the extended dialogue with tekstone about what approach should be taken to git the ‘Democrat’ Party off it’s fat ass re: The MeatGrinder.

Bottom line our fellow Americans are being held hostage and murdered…at the rate of  six a day that’s double the rate before Bush and his lickspittle General PetAss started ‘the Surge’. If you would like to ask Madame Speaker to please ‘set the table’ for Impeachment of the criminals Bush and Cheney just clik on her picture below:

I’d say it’s time fer her to get out the House china and silverware….

Flash Update: tekstone informs me that if yer not a constituent will not let you send Madame Speaker an email. I see from reading this post that I failed to put forth my plan for influencing her and other ‘Democrat’ folk. This is an important time and an important issue so I urge you to call her office, all her office numbers are listed at so call her and hey….maybe call her office more than once. The toll-free number for the Congressional switchboard is 1-800-839-5276 although you may have a wait getting through.


One Response to Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…………

  1. tekstone says:

    Apparently this capwiz site tries to send your message to Pelosi-the-Representative not Pelosi-the-Speaker, and as such only sends her comments from her constituents. If you want to send her a comment directly, go to Here’s what I sent:

    “It is way past time to look into the reality that impeachment of Bush, Cheney and Gonzales are a necessary next move for the health and welfare of our fair democracy.

    If you continue to turn a blind eye to these criminals and their sabotaging of the Constitution and all that it stands for, you, Madame Speaker will lose MY confidence.

    I don’t care if there is a conflict of interest (that you would assume the Presidency if Bush and Cheney go to jail). It is the right thing to do, and America would support your pursuit of justice.”

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