In case you fergot………..

This tune was originally written by Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie in 1929. The song was about the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927.

As you probably know the effects of Katrina are still with us to. Thanks to the scum of the ‘conservative’ Republican Party. Just so as to not forget here is one of  my posts about it back in 2005 and another and here’s another. I can tell you that Bush’s uncaring approach to the disaster of  Katrina makes him a true conservative. You do remember the ‘conservative’ mantra don’t ya? Lower taxes, which translates into big tax cuts for rich folks and lousy schools and infrastructure for you; a strong military, which translates into an endless series of wars which we mostly lose; and smaller government, which means you are on your own if disaster hits in the for of Bird Fly, earthquake or hurricane.

Well the panic is setting in in Billy Kristol’s small mind and all those other ReichWing scum who’ve been trumpeting America’s ‘New Way Forward’ through massive transfers of wealth to themselves using the tax system and a nice bloody war to keep everybody distracted while they try to undo the New Deal and move us back to Feudal times. See, it’s gonna all turn out to be…..

Bush’s fault.

Yeah,  just one stupid guy who fucked up ‘Conservatives’ great plan.

Too make you a slave in the Corporate Slave State.

Well, I and  other are determined that this ain’t gonna happen.

We are gonna hang the politically dead, stinking carcasse of George W. Bush ‘America’s Greatest Conservative President’ around the neck of every ‘conservative’ scumball who opens his or her mouth.


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