An Open Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

I have written your office on several different occasions asking that you move to initiate impeachment proceedings against George Bush and Dick Cheney. We’ve all heard you say that “impeachment is off the table”. You have said one reason for this is that impeachment would be a waste of time. I’m not at all sure this is your primary reason.

One very strong reason you probably have for opposing impeachment is the well known but rarely discussed fact that you are third in line for the Presidency. I don’t see how you could be in your position and not be strongly influenced by this fact. I can also see that the possibility of ascending to the Presidency in such a time and manner could be very intimidating.

I suggest that you fear not the consequences, that you carry out the full responsibilities of your office, that you uphold your oath of office. Many events, foreseen and not, would take place between the time the House commenced impeachment proceedings and the time you might ascend to the Presidency. Few can predict the future, but the likelihood that you would ascend to the Presidency in this manner is very low.

Meanwhile, thousands of Americans and Iraqis are being maimed and killed every month as a result of impeachable acts committed by this Administration. How many more will be maimed and killed in the next eighteen months if the House fails to act?

There was an earlier time when Congress failed to impeach, when our representatives failed to uphold their oaths, when they failed to provide adequate oversight, when they failed to prevent the Executive branch from grabbing power not granted by the Constitution. That time was Iran/Contra during the Reagan Administration.

Many members of that Reagan Administration, including Dick Cheney, are or were members of this Bush Administration. And I contend that these people were emboldened into carrying out the current abuses of power by the fact that they were not held accountable for the abuses of Iran/Contra. Imagine if you will, that this Administration is also not held accountable, that the current abuses become accepted and are condoned as were the abuses of Iran/Contra. Imagine that this Congress is complicit as was that earlier body. What abuses might future Administrations be tempted to carry out?

No impeachment then, no impeachment now. But, we did have impeachment proceedings during the intervening years – simply for lying about a “private” matter. Please do not continue that mockery by abdicating your responsibility now. Impeachment is not a waste of time, it is absolutely necessary, and it is your duty. Do not worry – the people will be behind you, we will march in the streets of Washington to support you.

Thank you for your time.



5 Responses to An Open Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

  1. norm rogers says:

    nancy pelosi and others in the senate and house have a yellow stripe running down thier backs when it comes to impeaching bush and cheney. We voted them in to uphold and protect the constitution, so far they have let us down.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Have you called her office and made your views known to her.

    The cowards in Congress understand one thing and one thing only….

    Angry voters will cost them their cushy jobs.

  3. suppose says:

    Is there a Left of Karl Marx? I think I just accidentely found it.

  4. A.Citizen says:

    We’re not left….we’re just not Reich.

  5. Barry Hintze says:

    Not because Cindy Sheehan wants it. But because over 90% of Americans want it. Please, please impeach bush and cheney. The way things stand now it looks like Nancy is afraid of being in charge !?

    It would not take very much effort to do better than bush and cheney.

    Nancy, Please do the right thing… thanks much.

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