George W. Bush The Greatest Conservative President in American History.

George W. Bush the ‘Greatest Conservative President in America’s History’. Can there be any doubt about my simple statement? I think not. From his tender beginnings as ‘President Death’ on to his great performance as ‘The Banality of Evil’ this vicious little psychopath has always had a knack for getting folks to ‘misunderestimate’ him.

His talent for decisive judgment gave us The MeatGrinder. His fantastic skills delegating responsibility showed, in the end, the people of New Orleans just how useless his administration was. His fabulous plan to ‘save Social Security’ was…well, nobody bought into it. His initial decision to let Mr. FourthBranch be his V.P. was perhaps his greatest conservative achievement leading to….

The Valerie Plame Affair.

The NSA listening in to everyone’s phone calls and tracking all their credit card purchases.

The Suspension of Habeas Corpus.

But ‘The Greatest’ was solely responsible for all that was he not?


He was most definitely not.

He just the vile sockpuppet for the ‘conservative’ movement. As nasty a hodgepodge of racists, nativists, xtian cult members and RWAs. All led by a coalition of ‘conservative’ think-tanks funded by the uber-rich the folks who own 40% of everything. Yeah, homer….everything.

The folks who have in effect brought back slavery in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Courtesy of Jack Abramov’s ‘House of Thieves’. Note that they are all members in good standing in The ‘Conservative’ Party. Which party is working on it’s latest scheme to make the importation of slaves into the continental United States where they can be used to drive your wages down to….well, how would you like to be making the minimum wage buddy? And then have your paycheck bounce.

Yes, the ‘Conservative’ Party led by their lying punkass MSM mouthpieces, some of them direct descendents of the movements founders, who wouldn’t know real work or how to solve a problem if either of those things bit them in the ass hard enough to send blood spurting. But these same ‘pundits’ can talk for hours about how victory for them and their Lame Duck President is just six months, and 500 more dead Americans, around the corner down the road.

You and I know all this.

The important thing now is to make sure the American people see this ‘conservative’ conspiracy for what it truly has been and will be:

The most dire threat to our nation since the civil war.

As the Founders planned for and we now see, weak-sisters such as ‘Chuckie’ Schumer and Madame Speaker Pelosi not withstanding, we now have the tools to push back against the black tide of ‘Conservatism’. What are they you ask?

The growing power of the Blogosphere to short-circuit the lying corporatist media.

An increasing number of true progressives like Jerry McNerney, Tim Ryan, Sherrod Brown, John Tester and Jim Webb in Congress.

The opportunity to put more folks like this into office to replace not only criminal Republicans such as Doolittle and prevent such as Ravenel from performing the role assigned him by the ‘conservatives’. Folks like Donna Edwards who will provide the numbers and the energy to indict all those now serving in Congress under the direct control of such as Karl Rove and the ‘conservative’ infrastructure.

Indict them in the court of ideas before the people and prove them guilty of:


What else would you name a group who has pursued a systematic attack on our institutions, our law and even the health and safety of our citizenry.

And George W. Bush is, in my opinion, the key.

At this very moment the meme which ‘conservatives’ everywhere are hoping, their last desperate hope indeed, will save their ‘bacon’. That is…

‘It’s Bush’s fault!’

Yep, it turns out that President SockPuppet was the incompetent fool behind every single thing that’s gone wrong in America since, well, since he’s been ‘elected’. It wasn’t the NeoCon’s stupidity. It wasn’t Halliburton and the MI Complex’s raid on the Treasury. It wasn’t FAUX Noise along with the NYT the WaPo and every other lying corporatist Wurlizer newspaper. It wasn’t the morons in the Senate nor the thieves in the House who FUBARed ever damn thing.

Nope, it was Bush.

Well, I say ‘…not gonna get away with it you miserable gits!’

As Coleridge did to the Ancient Mariner we are gonna hang the dead, stinking political carcass of George W. Bush around the necks of every ReichWing blowhard, every MI pandering Congressperson Dem or ReThug, every criminal hiding in the White House, every tool who take ‘conservative’ money to write reams of lies designed to confuse and mislead the public into supporting policies which have had and will have zero chance of ever doing anything other than destroy us and the world we depend on for life itself. And all this for the sole reason of ‘getting paid’.

Be of good cheer however. We now have the tools here in the Internet to as Paul Revere did on his famous ride to tell the people to: ‘Turn out the Town, turn out the town….The Regulars are coming!’ he awakened his fellow citizens to the approach of the English army. We will warn them of the enemy in their midst. Watch here and we will show you how to be heard. How to make your voices heard by the MSM and the political aristocracy.

The ‘conservatives’ are as I said above already among us. But that make them handier to our assault on their mistaken and, in all candor, evil philosophy. But we have a very well-known tool immediate to hand, the use of will certainly get through to those who heretofore have not been listening very closely, as you know and I have named above.

George W. Bush.

The ‘conservative’s’ are planning on throwing him under the bus he has other plans. As his grand finale he’s engineering the complete and utter destruction of the Republican Party. Truly the man is most dangerous to his friends as those of you know his real history and the history of the ‘Bush Crime Family’ can attest.

He is going to give us many, many opportunities to discuss his ‘compassionate conservatism’ in the upcoming months. Let’s use the blogophere, newspaper, word of mouth and any other opportunity we may have to remind the American people that Bush is:

The Greatest ‘Conservative’ President in American history.

And never, never let any of the sad, discouraged ReichWingers who have knelt at the feet of this, America’s most prolific mass-murderer, forget that he is now and for always one of them.

A true conservative.

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15 Responses to George W. Bush The Greatest Conservative President in American History.

  1. Darwin26 says:

    Well i was glancing through the posts about Judith Miller and Chris Mathews and i lit on the link for this article… Saturday evening the 21st of July i’ll be holding signs in the face of Senator Jon Tester for the blood on his hands – blood for oil funding of the illegal occupation of Iraq. Yes folks Jon Tester needs to hear you shaming him, who we worked to get elected for 3 months and felt he’d not desert the Progressive cause }}} yeah – but he did. And we in Montana are sick to our stomachs about it…

    Co-State Coordinator PDA Montana

  2. Jeff says:

    Very well said. It is hard to put words to my anger over the last several years. The one place I keep coming back to is those who have benefitted from the war, Katrina, etc, should be held accountable. However, we all know that isn’t going to happen. I have neither the charisma nor the means to start a revolution, but I sure would join one. All the wealth that has been gained through the suffering of others due to the Bush Administration, should be taken by force. I just wish I knew how to make that happen.

  3. Geoff says:

    Great post. Very well stated and well thought out points you put forth witht he right dose of aggitation and humor. I’d say he’s up there with Woodrow Wilson who sold our democracy to the Federal Reserve then had the audacity to “apologize” for it after the fact. Yeah, wash the blood off yer hands but unfortunately the beast is still dead. Same gutless cop out used by Colin Powell and so many others who’ve left power before saying something about the abuses going on instead of using their power to make a real difference.

    We’re a nation run by crooks and cowards.

  4. 1p3 says:

    “The Greatest Tory Ever Sold”

  5. retro says:

    Colbert for President! I love the guy and even though he’s wacky and wierd, he’d be better than any of the other candidates.

  6. jeanie says:

    Geroge Bush will become within ten years known as America’s greatest president.

    Why because he kept us safe and out of harms way.

    Everyone I know loves this president. It’s only spoiled rotten, over-indudlged lunatic fringe (left or right) that think chosing a President is the same as chosing a “Pop Culture Star,” Hollywood wants “Sodium and Gorrmoah.”

    OUr ingratitude for Presiden BUSH will bring war to our shores if we are so unlucky as to get the worst excuse for a Presidential Candiate in America histroy, the Arab Islamic Terroroist who hates America that would be Obama. Yes you will love bush when Obama and his pals bomb and destory a few American’s cities – life is not always a frolic is it? I saw women weeping with no men and homes in America and my dreams always are true.

  7. jeanie says:

    Let me inform you know-nothing about Katrina

    DId it every occur to any of you that God was cleaning up this murder captiol of America. that is was and is not a save city and that has nothing to do with Geroge Bush.

    It doesn’t really matter what wise men do with the pack of total complete fools the lunatic fringe (left or right) they don’t stand for anything and when you don’t stand for anything you fall for everything.

  8. Alexander says:

    Jeanie maybe you are right…. So the Katrina was mess cleaning…then you are like those folks from the Taliban they say the same about 911, so you give them thumbs up for their actions and you and your god, are both equally proud of you then….
    You dont get and idea what happen on Georgie watch, not only 911 tragedy, but the lost of good men and women soldiers, fighting proud for america, send by the greatest lier (you ever read about theYou shall not bear false witness against your neighbour -‘”WMD”- and You shall not covet your neighbour’s house; you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour – OIL-) you probably dont care about the death of their the innocent civilians, is a war so why care..maybe your views and OSAMA BIN Laden(never capture by your greatest commander in chief) are the same about innocents both dont care.
    You say god approved…the fall out of the greed of the markets (they don’t stand for anything and when you don’t stand for anything you fall for everything.)…maybe you are right is God plan.

  9. drewby7777 says:

    Just another imbecilic liberal with B.D.S (Bush derangement Syndrome) Bush was lacking in many ways no doubt, but your leftist, Marxist saviour Barry Soetoro, is far and away proving in less than a year that he will go down as the worst President in history! He is a blamer and a whiner. “We inherited this mess.” No, he CAMPAIGNED for it! “If you give us this $787 BILLION dollars for the stimulus package unemployment won’t go over 8%” Well, we gave it to him and it’s over 10%!!
    At least Bush wasn’t the apologist in chief for the nation. Barrack is intentionally driving our country into the ground so he can use another “crisis” to gain control. Typical democrat tactic, cause the problem so they can come to the rescue. They have a political Maunchausen syndrome!! In other words they are insane with power crazed, control freakesh thoughts! Yeah, I’d take Bush back over Barry the Marxist anyday!! Oh by the way, How does it feel to have the third democrat President in a row to be a complete failure?? Thank you democrats for paving the way for the emergence of another Conservative revolution in 2010 and 2012! Enjoy the next three years of President Carter, I mean Obama. You won’t be getting another in the White house for some time after him I imagine!!

  10. Alexander says:

    Talking about imbecilic, maybe, i am one maybe not, how do you get B.D.S. If I remeber, I got it before Bush got the presidency, remember his low attacks on the republican primary, so many years backs when he was against against a real man, a hint, he is not a coward and really go to war not like Little Bush. Can you explain who put Obama on the the right spot, you really dont think a little of Bush and his overwhelming good work put, how you call it Barrack on the seat.
    Barrack is intentionally driving our country into the ground? So you agree Bush unintentionally was driving the country to the ground and he make a overwhelming good work on that.
    Maybe i am wrong? The third democrat President in a row to be a complete failure?, maybe i was in other planet, or got bad memory for numbers, the last democratic president got a healthier economy, a few less wars and two towers on NY and the Yankees were champions of the MLB.
    If you’d take Bush back over, well u can got to his ranch and ask for a job, you can walk around happy there, I imagine!!

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