Why I am an Idiot.

It’s been a long, nasty grind living in America under the Boy King George W. Bush, now revealed as the idiot son of the BushCrimeFamily with his fucked up pardon commutation of ‘Scooter’ Libbey’s slap on the wrist sentence for outing Valerie Plame. I started out very much the Jeffersonian lo those many years ago when Bush was ridin’ high on his ‘Bullhorn Moment’ live from the pile of rubble in NYC. I believed as Jefferson did that if the people were given the correct information about what was affecting their lives, our nation, that they would come to correct, progressive, conclusion.

Sadly, hours of listening to large numbers of well-meaning folks who attend our Drinking Liberally meetups piss and moan about…

How can they be so dumb?

How can they vote for that guy?

Man, are they racist/jingost/nativist assholes!

Well, my confidence in ‘we the people, faltered. I’m here to tell you that I am ashamed and further that you won’t be getting away with the above referenced pissing and moaning in my presence without some real push-back by me. Why the sudden change you ask? Simple, I just got done skimming the:

Pew Research Center’s Trends in Political Core Attitudes: 1987-2007

Here’s a quote:

…the survey records further declines in traditional social attitudes. The poll finds greater public acceptance of homosexuality and less desire for women to play traditional roles in society.

No big deal you say. Then, keeping in mind the ReThug ideal of ‘drowning the government in the bathtub..’, what about this result:

…the most recent in a series of such reports dating back to 1987 – finds a pattern of rising support since the mid-1990s for government action to help disadvantaged Americans. More Americans believe that the government has a responsibility to take care of people who cannot take care of themselves, and that it should help more needy people even if it means going deeper into debt.

I found this contrary to the ‘conventional wisdom’ the scum of the MSM, The Punditocracy and all those inhabiting the ‘Beltway Bubble’ something that I had always believed this about the role of religion in America today:

Pew surveys since the beginning of 2006, 12% identified themselves as unaffiliated with a religious tradition. That compares with 8% in the Pew values survey in 1987. This change appears to be generational in nature, with each new generation displaying lower levels of religious commitment than the preceding one.

Yeah, it’s decreasing.

And here is the money shot:

Even more striking than the changes in some core political and social values is the dramatic shift in party identification that has occurred during the past five years. In 2002, the country was equally divided along partisan lines: 43% identified with the Republican Party or leaned to the GOP, while an identical proportion said they were Democrats. Today, half of the public (50%) either identifies as a Democrat or says they lean to the Democratic Party, compared with 35% who align with the GOP.

So despite the billions the ReichWing has poured into it’s attempt to brainwash the voters into believing that war is peace, poor is rich and up is down.

They didn’t buy it.

I hereby apologize to the American people and ask them to join us in doing what they want: Create a truly Progressive America.


3 Responses to Why I am an Idiot.

  1. jawbone says:

    But the MCM* still does its incredibly effective job of planting doubt in people who want to support Dems–and also in sucking calcium out of elected Dems’ spines and even legs (making it difficult to stand up to NeoCon Rethugs).

    We would not be in the mess we’re win if we had real journalism–not the TV/Cable ratings seeking, corpate owners propaganda–which tne infects even good newspapers.

    We do have good reporters who write excellent real fac-based, investigative articles in the big papers, printed usually somewhere to the back of the section–and fomer Knight/Ridder, now McClatchy. But the news which is talked about, as Atrios has ntoed, meaning it’s repeated and repeated is the junk journalism/pundit pap.

    Maybe it’s a good thing so many people are too busy to keep up with the news…

    But, still, those countless digs at Dems undermines confidence in the ability of the party to govern effectively. And reduces enthusaism among voters.

    Unfortuneately, it’s effective when elections are close. Which is why they do it.

    BTW, on This Week in Review on PBS last night, a reporter from the LATimes, Tom (?) Hamburger reported on the Hsu scandal (Hillary’s donor with problems). He was asked if Repub had had any donor scandals, and he said yes, there was a donor for (did he say Romney, actually it was Giuliani) who was arrested. He never mentioned the guy was the state campaign chairman, which I think is every so slightly different from a large aggregator fund raiser! But that’s just me.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Good points one and all! This is what’s fueling the drive in the blogosphere to try and inform the citizenry about the crucial facts they need to be effective citizens.

    Not how fat Britteny is….

  3. gpmartinson says:

    Excellent analysis. I will be using this when I talk with others about how far off the MSM is.

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