Two Americas….What’s it Gonna Be Folks?

From The New Yorker we have this description of Richard Cheney still Vice-President of the United States:

He is pathologically (but purposefully) secretive; treacherous towards colleagues; coldly manipulative of the callow, lazy, ignorant President he serves; contemptuous of public opinion; and dismissive not only of international law (a fairly standard attitude for conservatives of his stripe) but also the very idea that the Constitution and laws of the United States including the laws signed by his nominal superior-hah! dat’s cute dat is, can be construed to limit the power of his executive to take any action as part of an endless, endlessly expandable ‘war on terror’.

Thus spake The New Yorker. Take a minute and reread that paragraph. I submit you will be hard pressed to find a stronger condemnation of Cheney anywhere in the blogosphere. This was in the first story in Talk of the Town and if you don’t think that matters in NYC and inside the ‘Bubble’ think again.

Now let’s turn to ‘Fightin’ Harry Reid, I give him his nickname back as it would appear that, yes, Harry wants to fight:

Mr. Reid said he now saw ending the war as a moral duty, and even if the Senate again falls short, he said, he would turn again and again to Iraq until either the president relents or enough Republicans join Democrats to overrule Mr. Bush.

“I think that each time these people vote to continue what’s going on in Iraq it is a bad, bad move for them and a worse move for our country,”

Mr. Reid said.

Here is the card I’m handing out tomorrow at Brunch. Clik on the picture then you can save it to your desktop and then print it out an give it to your friends.


The idea is you sign this card and then you start dialing. You don’t really think ‘Fighting Harry Reid’ changed his mind without a little constituent help do ya?

Flash Update: Here is a very good online guide to how to approach this so as to be effective.

Here is more than you might want to know about how to use every form of communication.

The following seems to be accurate:

In order of MOST to LEAST effective, these are the means of contacting legislators:

  1. personal visit to the legislator’s Washington DC office or home-state office
  2. personally handwritten but LEGIBLE short letter
  3. personally typewritten or word-processed letter
  4. phone call to a key staffer in the office
  5. phone call to the reception staffers in the office
  6. personally written fax
  7. an obvious form letter or fax
  8. personally written e-mail
  9. an obvious form e-mail

One little catch here. Due to Homeland Security inspection of regular mail addressed to our representatives it now can take up to three months for regular mail to get throough. Interesting, eh?


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