Huh…The Shit Continues to Hit the Fan….

It’s a maxim of military thinking that ‘amateurs study tactics and strategy…professionals study logistics.’ malcontent insists that private military contractors and special ops forces in The MeatGrinder have access to ‘secret weaponry of such advanced design that is will allow both or either to subjugate the primitive Muslim warriors and their allies at the will of American policy there….’ If so, I am not of that opinion myself as the ‘secret weapon’ scam is an old established technique of the Military Keynesians; used primarily to loot the U.S. Treasury not smite the enemy for the last…oh, 150 years, I would humbly suggest that BlackWater and the Marines break dem super weapons out pretty damn quick because the tide is going out folks and it ain’t likely to return any time soon.

Of course maybe the problem is with our military ‘leadership’….they seem to have the same problem the rest of  our country’s ‘leadership’ has: Bush disease. That would be the appointment of folks to positions of authority who have….

No gotdamn idea of what to do.

If the link above seems confusing meditate on the last bolded item in the article: Political Unity

And this rosy report conflicts badly with one I heard on Nice Polite Republicans a couple of days ago where Staff Sergeant due to return for another 15 month tour said: ‘It’s total chaos there…nothing we have done has changed the situation on iota. There is no plan…’

But not to worry…the ‘secret weapons’ are gonna save the day…or maybe if we all clap louder.


One Response to Huh…The Shit Continues to Hit the Fan….

  1. GuyTheGuy says:

    The Nazi had their ‘Miracle weapons’ too.

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