Some of This and Some of That….

Folks the campaign season is here. Make no mistake. Money is starting to flow into our ‘For a Blue Majority Now!’  page. One of our new bloggers doverbeesting will soon be posting from the Charlie Brown campaign to send the Republican Crook, kinda goes without sayin’ don’t it, Doolittle packin’; fer jail that is. She will be reporting directly from the wilds of CA-04 in the past a rock solid ReThuglican stronghold but….no more. That will be exciting and we will be bringing it directly to you and all BRAG.

We also have some one who will be reporting from the Elizabeth Edwards campaign, no screename yet. She is a campaign worker and calls our attention to an EE event tomorrow you might want to check out if you have time.

What: Showing support for Mrs. Edwards as she enters the Auditorium  
          The Human Rights Campaign event.

When: Saturday, July 14th at 5:30 PM Where: The Northeast Corner of Grove Street and Polk near the The Bill Graham Auditorium 99 Grove St San Francisco, CA 94102

We are just getting started on working with her so next time there will be more advance notice. I screwed this up in that regard.

But there is nothing keeping you from voting here to tell the Edwards campaign that they should be coming here to CA. There is a debate inside the campaign as  to whether John can compete here in the Golden State. I say he must. This is the birthplace of the netroots whom he will need to win. Both for our ‘boots on the ground’ and our money. Speaking of money…here is where you get rid of that: ‘For a Blue Majority Now!’

Now the really big news for this month is our Brunch with Wilma Chan where she will talk to us about her plans for health-care legislation here in CA. That will be on Sunday the 29th, Brunch at 11:30 am, a brief speech followed by questions and answers at 1:00 pm. Ms. Chan has been a tireless fighter for universal healthcare for a long while. Don’t miss this chance to meet and talk with her about the #1 issue of the day.

Last but not least in malcontent’s mind is the Fenton’s Ice Creamery ‘Support Iceland’ program happening every day this month as I understand it. Naturally, I can’t find anything about it on the ‘Net and malcontent is ‘too busy’ to blog about it himself so you will have to make that extra effort to help.


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